Dallas Foodie Wins Food Network Recipe Contest: The Grape Will Serve It

Thanks to Mike Hiller, we don’t hear much these days from Brian Luscher, the reformed blog commenter and chef/owner of The Grape. Earlier this morning, Luscher broke his silence and sent me a link to the results of the Food Network’s recent coffee-themed recipe contest. The winner is Denise Brown who, according to Luscher, is “a Dallas dining scene regular, local foodie, food event volunteer, and long time fan of The Grape. Not a restaurant person, just a great regular gal.” To honor Denise, Luscher will feature her Turkish Coffee Pots de Crème on his menu at The Grape all month.


  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    I wish Chef Luscher would post more often, I appreciate his perspective. I hope he’s not staying away because of the ruckus a few months back, rather just busy serving up his fantastic food.

    Speaking of, I think this Sunday may be a Haystack Sunday.

  • Giuseppe Biancani

    In September, Samar by Stephan Pyles opens, with Turkish coffee pots de creme on the dessert menu. In October, Denise Brown submits a recipe for Turkish coffee pots de creme (presented almost identically) and wins a contest. Diffusion or independent invention?

  • congrats to Denise!