Checking Out BBQ: Off the Bone BBQ in Forest Hill

The horseshoe at Off the Bone.
The Horseshoe at Off the Bone.

Fellow D Magazine staffer Rhonda Reinhart read our cover story on The Best Barbecue in Dallas and cruised out to Off the Bone. She files this report.

When I realized I had gotten the last of the ribs at Off the Bone BBQ in Forest Hill on Saturday night, I almost felt bad. Then I took my first bite. Oh, my goodness gracious. These things were so magnificent, gluttony beat out guilt even as I watched disappointed patron after disappointed patron get the woeful news.

It was about 6 pm by the time I got there, and it was right around then that the kitchen began to inform the dining room that not only were the ribs gone, but so was the sausage and the chicken and possibly some other meats. I’m really not sure. I was so hungry (I hadn’t eaten all day in anticipation of my barbecue road trip) and nervous (what if I didn’t get my ribs?!?) that I really couldn’t focus. I heard the pit master say they “got hit hard” earlier in the day, and I started to sweat some more.

Then, my Horseshoe arrived. This gargantuan baked potato comes stuffed with chopped beef, sour cream, shredded cheese, chives, and bacon and is cradled on its sides by three of the tastiest pork ribs my taste buds have ever had the pleasure of tasting. There’s sauce on the table, but you don’t need it. The meat on these bones is just right just the way it is.

And the potato? Heavy, massive, stuffed to the gills. Did I mention heavy? Owner Marilyn came by as I was working my way through the potato beast, and she had just one thing to say: “I hope you don’t have anything to do later.” Well, Marilyn, I did have some plans, but I’m glad I ate the Horseshoe instead.


  • J

    Is this the same business as Off The Bone on South Lamar??

  • Twinwillow


  • Twinwillow

    My friends and I were probably responsible for eating most of the ribs Saturday at lunch. They were fabulous!

  • Brad

    Who road trips to a BBQ joint and gets a baked potato (regardless of chopped beef stuffing or not)? You’re taste testing the star of the show (meat) covered in all kinds of non-BBQ related condiments and foodstuffs. For shame.

    Stick to the basics. I feel like you wrote a review about a pizza place by ordering a hamburger with mozzarella cheese…

  • Twinwillow

    Brad, with all due respect, you’re way too critical. The stuffed ‘tater is just a sum in the many parts of what makes THIS place special.

  • luniz

    It’s not a review dude. She went and ate the horseshoe, then blogged about it. Get over it.

  • Dallas D Dude

    Can’t leave a comment on the review of Smoke at the Belmont Hotel, but glad to know I’m not the only one who had a similar experience! The review was spot on! Some of the most regretable and forgetable bbq I’ve had in years. And, our service was on par to your article. Even if the food was respectable, the prices equate to a bad value for the small portions we received. I get that the concept is beyond just BBQ, but lest we forget its name is “Smoke,” BBQ done correctly should be a priority.

  • Brad

    Thanks, Luniz. I will get over it. Glad we settled that.

    I’m off to read whatever snide remarks you’ve made on City of Ate…

    Kettle (the black one)