Cha-cha-cha-Changes: Dish Restaurant in Dallas

Some dish on Dish.
Some dish on Dish.

I’ve heard from several frequent and upset Dish Restaurant Nightclub and Lounge (and Beyond) customers this morning. Seems they are not happy about some recent changes in the management team of the Dish, the creation of “Dallas restaurateur and nightclub guru” Tim “obar, LIFT, Dragonfly” McEneny and partner Doug “Beyond the Box” Brown. Here is one concern/question.

Could you find out why Tim at Dish fired both of his Gay Managers –the gayborhood is planning a revolt.

Yow. Zah. A quick e-mail to an insider reveals that McEneny recently sold LIFT and replaced the two Dish  management types and with former Fuse and LIFT peeps. Oh, and I buried my lead: Executive chef, Brian Sommers, was fired yesterday. I know nothing about the gay issue in this scenario but I doubt sexual orientation was a factor since Dish is located on Cedar Springs and in the heart of Gaytown Dallas. I’m just stating the facts according to an inside source. (Or, for those of you in the Buddhahood, it could just be another case of warm impermanence.)


  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    You do not wanna tick off the geighborhood… seriously…

  • Tomas

    Wow. They are victims of their own success. I had heard only good things about this place and hade a good experience the one time I visited. Will it crash and burn?

  • Hunter

    I frequent dish and will continue to do so; life is full of changes. I agree with NN, i doubt sexual orientation was/is a factor — if it were, most of the servers and other staff would be outta there too.

  • Brandy

    So Shawn (from 560) is gone? wha? I was just there for brunch on Sunday and he was there. I was pleasantly surprised by the food, service, everything…

  • Foodie

    Shawn is and will remain General Manager… the other two were assistant managers.
    DallasClubGuru- that was a lot to take in for one comment! Yikes.

  • DesignBoy

    @DallasClubGuru: The “speech impediment” comment is a cliche and unnecessary.

  • WhoWhatWhenWhere?

    WOW! I can’t believe that this is all going on & in one place! Where are the lights, cameras… Does anyone else see a ‘reality tv’ show brewing up? A hip restaurant in the gayheart of Dallas w/ a straight & UPTIGHT ASSHOLE of a boss runnin’ the place? Hell’s Kitchen w/ a lisp! I’ve been to DISH & I like the atmosphere even though it can be a bit ‘snootie’ Miami-wannabe at times but change is good. Who knows what’ll happen next?! Does anyone know what channel I can watch to keep up on this unneccessary drama?

  • Kris

    I guess SFR is out of the question.

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    That’s not a cliche’….

  • Dawn Meifert

    I happen to work with the “uptight, homophobic asshole” and can tell you all that you are WAY off base. As an openly gay woman I have found Tim to be focused only on the performance of those that he works with. Tim could care less about the color of your skin, religious base or sexual orientation. Tim is not some Texas redneck, he hails from San Francisco and began his career with the very gay Ian Schrager. There are plenty of gay people gainfully employed at DISH right this very moment, go to the bar, order a drink from Holly and see for yourself.

  • joeat

    I wonder if Holly is the one that waited on me the other evening who had a serious scalp itch and couldn’t keep all ten fingers out of her hair. After observing this, when my second drink came with a squeezed lime, I quickly paid and left. Yuk.

  • Okay folks, i just caught up with this thread and you have to play nicer or I will have to delete comments. I have taken down DallasClubGuru’s libelous comment.

  • BOB

    OK, this is all friggin stupid. Tim is far from a gay hater! I know that some of his best friends are gay, he travels with the ‘gays’ and loves the gays. Dish is fine and my guess is that the two ‘managers’ in question sucked and were fired for that reason (not for being gay.)

    Give him a break, people… it takes an asshole to run a restaurant. 😉

  • Dallas_Foodie

    We all love Tim’s places because it’s always focused around the patrons experience and usually a fantastic one. In this case, they have launched a great restaurant with a very cool vibe in an area that frankly needed something new and hip. If anyone knows Tim’s followings (and friends) you’ll find a very diverse set of everything! I’m sure Dish is being managed the way it should; As a business, not a clique, in a diverse community that I hope continues to do well.

  • WhoWhatWhenWhere…..its snooty with a Y not ie…geeez

    As far as the story, I just rented the movie Much Ado About Nothing. Coincidence?

  • DallasClubGuru

    Okay, Okay, Okay….
    Nancy, I do apologize.
    I do retract my last comment about the speech issue in which Macaroni is impaired.
    However, I still think he could use a refresher course in “People Skills” and “People Etiquette”. BOB is right…it does take an asshole to run a restaurant or club. I’m sure there are still a few people in this city that Macaroni hasn’t yet offended and that, I’m sure, is the crowd he’s marketing to. Don’t worry Dallas, his places never last too long. He’ll switch it up again before anyone realizes it.

  • Roxy

    I have been a professional server in Dallas for quite some time now and have had the opportunity to work with some of the employees let go from Tim’s restaurants. It is a very difficult time for anyone to lose a job right now and for him to slaughter dedicated, successful people of their pride and joy in the work place and their income is just not well thought out. His comment of bringing in other people from his other endeavors that didn’t work out and closed down to take the place of someone else’s job is clearly unjustified business. Because of this, it has caused a stir of confusion amongst people to question his intentions and respect such a man in this food and beverage industry. If there are facts and evidence of Tim being prejudice to past or previous employees then he will get what is coming to him, whether it’s a lawsuit or karma to bite him in the a**. For those that are suffering right now because of his heartless terminations, I hope the best will come to you very soon and keep on moving forward. The right thing for Tim to do is offer these people another position or location to work at instead of just kicking them out the door. He has done this to so many people and if anything no one should want to work for this greedy, none caring man!!!

  • Jen

    I feel sorry for the two managers (and I’ve heard they were really on top of their game), but business is business. McEneny had more loyalty to managers from other endeavors, and if they would have lost their jobs he would’ve ended up paying a lot more out in unemployment. It was one of those tough things you have to do in business. He would have been an a** either way, depending on who he let go.