Cha-cha-cha-Changes: Dish Restaurant in Dallas

Some dish on Dish.
Some dish on Dish.

I’ve heard from several frequent and upset Dish Restaurant Nightclub and Lounge (and Beyond) customers this morning. Seems they are not happy about some recent changes in the management team of the Dish, the creation of “Dallas restaurateur and nightclub guru” Tim “obar, LIFT, Dragonfly” McEneny and partner Doug “Beyond the Box” Brown. Here is one concern/question.

Could you find out why Tim at Dish fired both of his Gay Managers –the gayborhood is planning a revolt.

Yow. Zah. A quick e-mail to an insider reveals that McEneny recently sold LIFT and replaced the two Dish  management types and with former Fuse and LIFT peeps. Oh, and I buried my lead: Executive chef, Brian Sommers, was fired yesterday. I know nothing about the gay issue in this scenario but I doubt sexual orientation was a factor since Dish is located on Cedar Springs and in the heart of Gaytown Dallas. I’m just stating the facts according to an inside source. (Or, for those of you in the Buddhahood, it could just be another case of warm impermanence.)