“Luniz” is The Commenter of the Month

Teresa Gubbins weighs in before she starts The Restaurant Critic's Diet.
Teresa Gubbins weighs in before she starts The Restaurant Critic’s Diet.

Wow. Just when you think the whole world is one big hateful blog, something nice happens and you can almost believe that not everyone is an evil, mean person. Last week several very evil and mean people left comments under my Life of a Restaurant Critic post. I deleted most of them. HOWEVER, just a few minutes ago, I noticed this comment from “Luniz”:

The only way Nancy registers 170 is if TG is standing on her shoulders. And that might even be a stretch.

Luniz, you are the wind beneath my wings. So, the truth is out: I weigh 100 and Gubbins is a mere 70 pounds. Brenner, are you reading? Spill it, chica.


  • Fezziwig

    Luniz has always been my favorite commentator on the food blogs. Always funny and smart.

  • Alfredo’s

    No one likes you, Nancy. Seriously.

  • Alfredo, that isn’t very nice dude.

  • whatever

    Truth hurts, Nancy.

  • Advertiser

    We are pulling our ads due to this nut case.

  • Twinwillow

    I protest! (lol)

  • bluebird

    wow, three mean-spirited comments all within 5 minutes of each other, from a series of mysterious posters we’ve never seen on SideDish before? sure looks like they all came from the same dude. someone new to the world of food blogging, maybe, who doesn’t realize how laughably obvious it is

    Dude, you might want to learn the ropes of the SideDish community first before going off and embarrassing yourself

  • Scagnetti

    luniz is the conscience of the Dallas food blogosphere.

  • fez

    They can check the IP’s to be sure. But if anyone is pulling ads, that will manifest quickly.

  • bluebird

    p.s. i like luniz and fezziwig, too!

  • Ben The Guy From Chow

    I like Luniz, I have seen him on other better blogs. I do scan Side Dish from time to time, but am put off by the D employee that writes here. Spewing press releases and beating up colleagues (I use that term loosely) is not what great careers are made of.

    If anyone is pulling an ad due to a food writer for a magazine that sells stories to the highest bidder is not shocking. However I am shocked that anyone places ads within these confines at all.

    Peace, Love and Rock and Roll.

  • air

    Some say that he’s terrified of ducks, and that there’s an airport in Russia named after him…

  • Dumpling

    If anyone should know what great careers are made of, it’s a Guy Named Ben From Chow.

  • DGirl

    It’s easy to say mean things when you hide behind anonymity “Alfredo’s.” If you don’t like Nancy then GTFO her blog. She knows a lot about the food scene in Dallas. You sound like a chef who didn’t like what she had to say about your food and now your bitter. And Ben The Guy From Chow – you can leave now too. Buh.Bye.

  • fez

    Sadness in Mudslinging Town.

  • I propose a new D Best category, skinny bitches. NN and TG can thumb wrestle for the innaugural title. Sadly, I won’t be eligible (at least this year).

  • Kellyn

    My hubby and I just commented this weekend about how much we love NN. Looks like some people have been eatting some bitter mashed potatoes.

  • Dr Frodo

    @ Alfredo: I only come out when it’s obvious that a person with issues (big issues) is posting. To one person’s credit, it changed their entire approach and they now are a regular fun read. Another left the site. Although you post with multiple names you seem to have a singularly mean spirit. Normally I’d say get to the nearest psychiatrist’s couch – and you should. But the personal vitriol you exhibit goes beyond what we’ve seen here before and indicates a personality which could prove violent. I implore Wick and company to not only block your IP address, but in the interest of the safety to also turn your records over to an investigator for further review. If that turns up any evidence of prior issues (such as domestic abuse) they should then present that evidence along with the history of your posting to the proper authorities, while also obtaining a restraining order against you (did your former spouse have to get one?). You need help.

  • whatever

    @Dr. frodo…wow…all he said was no one likes Nancy…lol…i hardly think that statement warrants psychiatric counsel. I think you could use a psych eval, you seem to have some irrational fears, are you able to leave the safety of your home? Or, more likely the case: Dr. Frodo= Nancy

  • Okay, this is getting boring. No mas.