Things I Overheard Over the Weekend

European market Moving the Four Seasons European-style market in Garland indoors was a bust for several vendors. “The building was too far away from the action,” said one vendor who threatened my dog’s life if I revealed his/her name. “The food people did okay, but there were some unhappy sellers.” I guess Dallas is not indoor European-style, we prefer to act European in the great outdoors.
lost car registry According to a person who was really on the street, the valet service at Dish misplaced DMN dining critic Leslie Brenner’s car. Eventually they located it. Wonder if Dish will ever find their lost star? A snitch on a cul-de-sac reports Ms. Brenner had no problem with valet after any of her three visits to the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek.
South A musical-lovin’ diner and a group of friends went to see South Pacific this weekend. Before he/she/they had 101 pounds of fun at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, he/she/they dined at Screen Door, excuse me, Screendoor. In particular, they ordered the $30 pre-theater dinner package. “I love David McMillan,” said he/she/they. “And he was there but the food was way below average.” Sub-par shrimp and grits? I know what to get chef McMillan for Christmas.


  • Y. Lee P

    Is it true that the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek knew the make, model, and plate numbers of Brenner’s and her husband’s cars before they ever arrived?

  • DGirl

    That sounds like a crazy rumor if I ever heard one!

  • If it was a bust for a few vendors, it was a boom for several others. Sharlas’ Sweets sold out before market close; Rosey Ridge Farms had to bring in additional breads and Texas Olive Ranch more olive oil midway through the day. Even a few of the craft vendors–Gem Decor and Purple Lavendar Ranch to name two–reported good sales. Overall traffic was up, not down. Methinks the problem is not the market nor the move indoors but what the seller who threatened your dog is selling. By the way, we’re closed Dec. 26 for Christmas but will be back Saturday, Jan. 2.

  • slaw dogs

    The roomer I hurd wuz that win Lesly bawt hur howce in norf dallus tu flax 4 risteranters hyred a pee eye to git shotz of Lesly and Tiery win thay dryved owta der allie.

  • Calais Winery, Dread Head Chef and Florine Bowman – to name a few – also had their best sales ever at the market. It was a great day, the place was busy and we expect more vendors to attend on January 2, 2010! Oh, and have you heard about vendors quitting other farmers markets to become regulars at the Four Seasons Market at Firewheel?

    Anyway, yall have a great Christmas!!! :0)

  • Thanks for sharing, Slaw Dogs.

  • Paul

    nice work – no alley – try again

  • Good scoopage, Paul.

  • allison

    Hello Big Brother!

    Google easily proved an alley. Remind me not to ever buy a house…

  • whatever

    @slaw dogs: Wouldn’t it be just as easy to type the words properly???? I mean seriously, the characters are the same….

  • Dallas Eater

    Saw the same show this weekend – awesome voices, good prodcution. Had the server at Stephan Pyles primed with our time requirements – they did a great job!

  • Last comment by Slaw Dog was deleted. Illegal usage of hands.

  • Mawk from Boston

    sniff, sniff… pretty sure nancy=slaw

    nancy= a lot of people

    love ip addies

  • Russ Vandeveerdonk

    I like your column Nancy, good stuff,…Pegasusnews turned me on to your site!!

  • bluebird

    mawk, i like yer accent

  • Laura the Lacavore

    Nancy is a bit off, but we overlook her her oddities.

  • Shiva

    Be kind. She is the Ruth Buzzy of the media.