Kelly Hightower Will Turn Kavala Into Nova: Tapas for Bikers

Josh Hixson over at People “Who Need People” Newspapers just sauntered up to me and said, “Hey, Kelly Hightower is turning Kavala into a place called Nova.” “Dude,” (word of the day) said I. “Send me the deets.” Hear him roar.

Kelly Hightower said Monday Kavala will be re-conceptualized as an international tapas-style bar called Nova. They plan to reopen near the end of February. Hightower will become chef/partner for the new venture in combination with three investors whom he called, “bar people from around town, some pretty notable places.”
He declined to share their names.
Japanese, Mediterranean, and Tex-Mex offerings will be on the menu, Hightower said.
The buzz among bikers is that the bar’s investment group brought in some of the leaders in Oak Cliff’s growing bicycling community as consultants.
“The Bike Friendly Oak Cliff people will love it and we’ll have bike racks out there,” Hightower said. “We are definitely going for that crowd as well. We are going for a little bit more of a hipper vibe and get away from the mom and pop feel the restaurant has.”
Nova will also have an expanded bar and patio, as well as improved plumbing which was responsible for the stale/gassy smell, Hightower said.
“That has been pretty bad for Kavala over the past year,” said Hightower, referring to the smell. “I think it has driven people away from the restaurant.”

Hmm. I hope Wick reads this post. Bike Friendly People is a pretty catchy name for a community newspaper.


  • PotNet

    Japanese, Mediterranean, and Tex-Mex tapas? For bikers?

  • Goofman

    Bikers ride motorcycles.
    Cyclists ride bicycles.
    That is all.

  • DallasDude

    You have to be a lawyer or surgeon these days to afford the truly wonderful motorcycles. they like tapas. And actually, I could see a Tex-Mex tapas. I have made some things I might call tapas that were also considered Tex-Mex. Think I used the word appetizer, though.

  • Tomas

    I hope they address the problem caused by the heat of the pizza oven. The A/C could not handle it and the inside temperatures in summer drove and kept people away.

    I hope they keep the oven, because I believe Kavala put out the best pizzas in Dallas, but they need to move it or enclose it or something.

    All in all, this sounds like a good change.

  • jus d. factz

    The smells Hightower refer to are but a small reason Kavala went under.

    Plenty of patrons witnessed firsthand what can happen when there are problems at the top.

    As to how and who “investors” still get suckered by “exec. chefs” (some, not all) is beyond comprehension…what’s the old saying???? Fool me once..

  • Granny

    So they want to “get away from the mom and pop feel the restaurant has.”

    Well, heaven forbid that any of us “Mom and Pops” drop any more dollars into the place.