Tom Spicer Wants You to Get Sauced

Get down and mushroom-y with Tom Spicer.
Get down and mushroom-y with Tom Spicer.

Bring your own wine to Spiceman’s Absolutely Unusual Culinary Extravaganza. For those of you still using Morton’s salt, Spiceman is Tom Spicer, forager and procurer of all-things-produce. His wonderfully offbeat shop, Spiceman’s FM 1410, is next to Jimmy’s Food Store and Urbano Café in East Dallas. This Saturday (November 21) Spiceman will teach a few cooking classes. Festivities kick off at 10:30 a.m. with roux making and continue with wild mushroom paella cooked by The Spiceman over a bonfire and duck and Andouille gumbo by David Anthony. Spiceman says,  “Come dine, bring yo wine and loose yo mind at Spiceman’s Gumbo ‘n da Garden!” Wild mushrooms? Oh, yes. 1410-B Fitzhugh. 214-954-7974.
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We also have many “garden salads” to harvest for you such as:

Pea Tendrils, Sunflower Sprouts, Micro Cilantro, Petite Asian Mustards and French lettuces,  Nasturtium leaves, red veined Sorrel (aka in some places as “Hearts of fire”)

Baby Soul Greens ~ Red Kale, Curley Mustards, Baby Spinach, Petite Red Cabbage and Buck Wheat leaves with an “Otay Panky” vinaigrette.

Southern Field Greens ~ Baby Escarole, Red  veined Sorrel, Red and Green Romaine as well as Lollo Rossa red leaf lettuce.

Asian Lolita Greens ~ Baby Mizuna, Red Mustards, Tatsoi, Malabar Spinach, Nasturtium leaves, pepper cress and more.

Local, Organic produce on hand:

Sunchokes retail @ $6# wholesale at $17.50/5#

Wild and Cultivated Exotic ‘shrooms…pitch til ya win @ $10/8oz the choice is yours (or ours), Chanterelles, Porcinni, Hedge Hogs, Baby Shiitake, Shimejii, Piopinni, Burgundy Chanterelles aka Pigs Ears, King Oyster, Chicken O Woods, Domestic Black Trumpets …there, that’s a snap shot of what I see right this second…maybe more or less but always fresh….

Tons of lettuces and fresh herbs with locally grown, certified organic Nappa Cabbage, Braising Greens and Arugula, Elephant Garlic, Smoked and pickled red jalapenos

Louisiana Citrus is on the way in time for Thanksgiving…Satsumas, Tangeloes, Meyer Lemons, Kumquats. We’ll have limited availability of stem and leaf for fruit amenity baskets so please order in advance @ $4#


  • Blogg Hoggess

    This sounds awesome. it’s like a Austin!!

  • Cost?

  • Well, that sounds like a great event!

  • molly

    yeah- what’s the price? sounds like a great time!

  • MMMMMMMMM… one of each please! I’m growing enough herbs, greens & spinach this season to feed all of D Mag office for weeks, but i do need those mushrooms!

  • Chef DAT

    The party is free but donations for the garden and cost are greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Would love to go, I just may!

  • Thanks for the news and good luck to his teaching lessons on cooking. I don’t know that garden salad on the list it looks like unfamiliar thanks for explaining each one of them.

  • CB

    Tom Spicer’s Urban Squatter Garden Video Tour

  • DallasDude

    DallasDude will attend.

  • DallasDude

    What a delightful event. I made the most amazing soup with the various mushrooms i bought today. I saw many people I knew and only wish I could post photographs here that we took today.

  • DallasDude, send my your pics and I’ll post them.

  • Brandy Taylor

    crushed that i missed this! more please!