Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Nicaragua

nacatamalAs soon as I found out that Managua, Nicaragua was a cheap, two-hour flight from Houston, I booked a quick trip. Tomorrow I head south and plan to hit Managua, San Juan del Sur, Granada, León, and, if it ever stops raining, a sustainable coffee farm in Selva Negra.

I am eager to find street stands selling Nicaraguan “weekend food” such as nacatamales: shredded pork, potatoes, garlic, peppers, and fresh tomato covered with masa and cooked in a banana leaf. I plan to do my Bourdain-best and hit every vendor in sight. I’ve consulted with Andrew Zimmern who recommends the roasted wild iguana and bull testicle ceviche, but if you’ve been to Nicaragua I’d love to hear your thoughts. (Extra points:  what is the perfect name for a hockey team in Nicaragua? Prize from Nicaragua to the winner. I’m looking at you , Kirk.)


  • Worzel Gummidge

    ” (Extra points: what is the perfect name for a hockey team in Nicaragua? Prize from Nicaragua to the winner.)”

    Knights of The Iguana?

  • Brad

    The Icedinistas? (you see, it’s like Sandinistas, but the opposite because hockey is played on ice).

  • Shane

    Chinandega Chupacabras
    Managua Margays
    Masaya Macaws

    Just to name a few!

  • Isn’t it Zimmern?

  • The Stars?

  • Kirk

    Worzel wins!

    The best I could come up with was Club de Hockey de Managua, also known as Las Paletas.

  • The Granada Banana Leafs

  • I like Amy’s suggestion!

  • Kirk

    Not bad, Nancy.

  • The Contras
    El Presidentes
    Whatever Vicente Padilla wants them to be called.

  • Evan, do you have Vicente’s number. Perhaps I can go hunting with him.

  • Allie Daus

    Tons of amazing Best street vendor food in Granada. Mangos in a baggie iwth chili sauce and salt is killer. “frescas” are refreshing fresh wqueezed juices in plastic baggies and are BEYOND refreshing.The best street vendor meal, if you will, is called “Fritos”. Their signature cabbage and vinegar salad concoction serves as a bed for friend plantains and a delicious piece of grilled chicken all wrapped up in a portable Banana Leaf.

  • I say “Blazing Iguana Nicaragua”. It symbolizes their food and culture combining at the same time. You can have this name your hockey team.

  • The Granada Banana Leafs …..would be a shame to tag them with a loser from the beginning…..sorry we missed you
    maybe next time

  • Commi

    vicious vigorons(vigoron is a name for some food traditional in granada) as a name for the hockey team. i miss nicaragua, i had sea turtle soup( not sure it was legal) i had sopa de garobo( which is the iguana soup) and of course nacatamal, pico de gallo, queso frito, quesillo. i hope you soaked it all in. I lived there for three years.

  • Very interesting article. Couldn’t be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old chum. He constantly kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good chuckle. Thanks for sharing! 🙂