SideDish Supper Club On Sale Now: Samar by Stephan Pyles in Dallas

supperclubYow. Zah. I must say we have pulled together one fabulous evening. Thanks to Stephan Pyles, execuchef Vijay Sadhu, and managing partner George Majdalani, the next SideDish Supper Club at Samar by Stephan Pyles is going to be over-the-top. Not only are they opening the restaurant just for us, but they also designed a one-of-a-kind menu for SideDish Supper Clubbers.

I asked Pyles why he wanted to do the Supper Club, and he had this to say:

“Having traveled the world in search of exotic flavors and preparations, the opportunity to showcase those tastes and customs in this one-time dinner spectacle was very exciting. You will savor the cuisine and cocktails inspired by India, Spain, and the Eastern Mediterranean–think curries, garam masala, cardamom, tandoori, naan, labneh, pomegranates, and pumpkin kofte. Have you ever had a remarkable Lebanese wine? Had your fortune read from the grounds of your Turkish coffee? You will at this dinner! Revel in the unique experience with Indian and Arabic music, belly dancers, and the exotic hookah ritual of narguile shisha.”

Stephan Pyles knows how to throw a party!
Stephan Pyles knows how to throw a party!

During the dessert course, Kyle Stewart of the Cultured Cup will demonstrate a traditional Afghan tea ceremony, and everyone will be able to try Samar’s Afghan Tea, as well as an authentic Masala chai.

Dancing girls! Hookahs! Lebanese wine! Goody bags! Communal tables! Dancing Hookahs ? Perhaps.

The  SideDish Supper Club is not just dinner; it’s a culinary learning experience. Please join us on Sunday, December 6, for the next SideDish Supper Club. The cost is $110 per person and we have included tax, gratuity, and valet parking.



  • DallasDude

    I knew it… and I am in.

  • Twinwillow

    I’m in, too! Sounds like a wonderful way to experience Samar.

  • Mrs Hall

    So excited. We went to the opening and it was so crowded we just circled the restaurant and exited. Glad to finally get to try it!

  • TG

    awesome use of colors on this blog posting, may i say

  • PR

    yes, yes, no, maybe, hell no

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    What the hell…I am in!

  • GP

    oh hell yes! here we go!!…nancy, you be dancin’ de belly?

  • Blog Hoggess

    I have been trying to get into Samar since it opened and I don’t want to wait. This is perfect! Looking forward to it.

  • m

    I have to work that night. Fantastic.

  • Kyle

    Is this event a good place to pick up hot professional chicks? I mean, ones without reconstruction.

  • NaughtyButNice

    I am looking forward to trying Samar Sounds like fun I was at the Nonna dinner but was disappointed in the seating. We were stuck at a table for two. Can we reserve a big table?

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    I called and reserved my space and gave my credit card so I am in. Great way to kick off the full-tilt holidays which I’ve decided to approach this year like a frat boy at a strip club.

  • Misty

    I’m there. As a single diner, for now. Hope I can find someone to join me between now and then.

  • Kathie G.

    I am single too. How about the Side Dish singles club!

  • jay

    get a fucking life all of you

  • marie

    nancy you are full of shit.