• For time to timre, I enjoy a quick lunch at Neuhaus cafe in Dallas, and Thursday I was very suprise to see Norman Love Confections, pralines and Truffles, in the Chocolate display. Neuhaus Cafe is the only retailer in Texas of Norman Love Chocolate!….WOW

  • b

    The Mico departure shouldn’t be a suprise to anyone, David isn’t far behind him

  • joeat

    Gosh, what a surpring headline. Not.

  • tht143

    huh not even a month…what a shame to have brought them in and Chef Fitzgerald Sous Tami and Pastry Chef Erica all gone to better places too bad Lucy you put yourself in a bad spot Good Luck!!!!

  • b

    So Nancy have you got the skinny on what happened to Mico?

  • No. The only report I’ve had was from chef David McMillan who told me Mico was “ailing.”

  • David

    I’m not going any where!
    I love the space, Erica is still there on the weeekends, it’s fun slinging arrow across the street at Paul P (my old Nana partner) and I like where we are going & what we are doing. Plus I am very fortunate to have Karen Porter working with me.

  • David, I didn’t think about you being across from Paul. Keep us posted.

  • Fan

    Keep up the good work David! Never rid your menu of the fried quail, catfish, or duck! Yummy. Nancy – Supper Club at Screen Door??