Chef Bruno Davaillon: The Video Interview

Can’t get enough Bruno Davaillon? Andrew Chalk did a video interview with the chef after dinner. He finds out all about Bruno’s favorite things, the kinds of foods he likes best, and much more. Watch below.


  • PotNet

    This provides a clearer picture of the chef and what he’s about than everything that’s been written about him so far in Dallas.

    One request. Can D spring for a lapel mike for Chalk’s camera? As far away as Davaillon was sitting, it’s hard to hear him. Let’s see more of these interviews!

  • JuliaJ

    Wow! So nice. A welcome new face, new accent and new style. He seems delightfully low key and really happy that people like his food. I noticed a very slight look of excitement on his face when Andrew asked about the Pheasant. I am very excited to eat there again. It’s been far too long. And I agree with PotNet, great to have video but we need a mike! I hope the Davallion family likes Dallas,

  • DallasDude

    I would have enjoyed the interview had Chalk not been so overly loud the the good chef so utterly silent.

    I was especially intrigued by the sous-vide method Davaillon uses and plans to integrate into the menu. I gave up mid sentence. Perhaps we might see a transcript.

  • Twinwillow

    Regardless of the sound quality, I still enjoyed the interview with chef Davaillon.

  • Mike Judge

    Get a microphone and do more of these!