Guessing Games With Andrew Chalk: WTF is This?

I love guessing games. Especially here on SideDish. It’s a great distraction from work and it drives my page views through the lower atmosphere. I was so happy when I opened an e-mail from SD reporter, Andrew Chalk. In it was a guessing game. So, here goes!

clu1This is a picture of:
a)    A new building in the Arts District
b)    A modern sculpture
c)    A new $64 chocolate truffle from Noka
d)    Something caramelized
e)    All of the above
f)    None of the above
g)    Whatever I want it to be

Go for it. I’ll post another clue a little later in the day.

UPDATE: 3:09 p.m. Clue number 2.


UPDATE: DGirl takes the prize. Oh, we didn’t offer one! Whoopsie. Here’s Andrew:

GjetostIt is indeed a cheese. Gjetost from Norway, also known as Brunost, is a semi-hard cheese made from cow and goat’s milk to which caramelization during boiling of the milk contributes an unforgettable brown color. The caramel is also evident in the taste which is nutty and creamy. It is usually cut with a cheese slicer in order to create thin strips as the taste is quite intense and the finish long-lived. I bought it for $15.90/lb at The Wooden Spoon in Plano. A store for all things Scandinavian except, on my last visit, the famous fetid shark. I settled for herring.


  • Me!


  • Billusa99

    looks like Andrew Chalk to me.

    By the way, Nokia makes cell phones.
    Noka makes the rip-off chocolate.

  • Dilly Girl

    Looks like a circa 1972 See’s Candy from an abandoned storeroom at Richardson Square Mall

  • d.) something carmelized

  • meant caramelized

  • GIGI

    Bad Foie Gras or my boss’s ‘block head’.

  • B

    A piece of chocolate with the image of the virgin mary on it?

  • Nigel Tufnel

    f. a package of graham crackers

  • Amy B


  • mark

    Brown Hash

  • Sarah Eveans

    Some sort of cheese?

  • Oh glorious day! I got Kirked by BillUSA!

  • Looks like D

  • DGirl

    Not to be confused with Dilly Girl . . . I’m DGirl and have been around a while. Anywhoo –
    Gjetost cheese

  • DallasDude

    Flourless chocolate cake.

  • VBB

    F. – my guess is it a piece of smoked gouda cheese or some other hard aged cheese.

  • It looks like a Kraft caramel

  • Shane

    I would say it is either a chocolate truffle from Dude Sweet Chocolates or it is a picture of something neither carmel nor choclate from Heston Blumenthal’s new Fat Duck cookbook.

  • Robin

    crustless pumpkin pie

  • DGirl

    Really? No prize. Sniff, sniff.

  • You’re right. There should always be a prize for Guessing Games. Send me you mailing address. Free FroYo for DGirl.

  • DGirl

    Yay!!!! I love winning things! Thanks Nancy!! And since my name is Norwegian (no, not DGirl, my real name) I’m going to The Wooden Spoon to see if I can buy a keychain with my name on it. Spelled right. Never had one before.

  • DallasDude

    I thought I was a cheese freak and scored well on Leslie Brenner’s ‘cheese or font’ test. My large foam cheese head hat off to DGirl. If she wasn’t given a prize, I woulda. 😉

  • Kirk


    If you are looking for hákarl (fermented shark), you need to find an Icelandic version of the Wooden Spoon. The closest thing to hákarl that you’ll find in Scandinavia is lutefisk. (I wouldn’t lye about such a thing.)

    Skål, broder.

  • Andrew Chalk

    You may have found the statement fishy but according to Wikipedia Iceland is sometimes considered part of Scandinavia (

  • Kirk

    Only when the Icelandic economy needs help!