Foodie in a Warzone Says Hi to Dallas

Make pasta not war.
Make pasta not war.

Earlier in the week, I introduced you to Susan Marx and the Foodie in a Warzone blog she writes from her kitchen in Kabul, Afghanistan. Today she sends you a message:

I just saw your lovely post and link to my new blog on the Dallas Food and Wine blog and wanted to thank you very much for the support!  This is something that is quite close to our hearts, and in light of the recent attacks in Kabul, something we do for sanity as well – your support is much appreciated. Warm regards,Susan.

Dishers, I say we add her to the blogroll on the right. Perhaps with a little support from us, Susan can find a little peace. And we can get some great recipes! What do you say?


  • Bad_Ike

    Heck yea…Even I never get a useful recipe, I’d gladly send along what little emotional support I could. There’s a number of inactive blogs in the blogroll that could be replaced.
    Do it!

  • Darren

    Make it so, Uncle Nancy!

  • Yes! Yes!!