D Magazine Moving Day

Yesterday, we said goodbye to our Oak Lawn offices. Today, we are all floating around without Internet access. Monday, we should be back in business at our new digs in St. Paul Place. If you sent me an e-mail, I can’t access my mailbox. If you need us, just tweet us @DSideDish.

In the meantime, suggest some down and dirty downtown Dallas eateries.


  • DALLASChef

    I would be interested in your take on Seventeen Seventeen Restaurant in The Dallas Museum of Art. I’ve heard good and bad things.

  • Karen Ehlers

    I can’t help myself but sometimes I have to eat at City Tavern. The food is plentiful and greasy and not bad. Plus, the daily specials of a shot of whiskey and beer makes the day go by so much faster…

  • tb

    Down and dirty? Ziggy’s in Plaza of the Americas. It’s take-away and doesn’t look like much, but the burgers and, especially, the gyros, are excellent. And Surinder, the owner, is about the sweetest, shyest man on the planet.

  • Matt

    Beyond the Box, Kuai, NM cafe.

  • yeah, um.

    tootsie’s, right down st. paul from you, near the DART station.

  • yeah, um.

    also, anton’s cafe on main st. for gyros

  • yeah, um.

    sorry for the multiple entries, I keep forgetting some:

    Powerhouse Deli, in the YMCA for fantastic grilled chicken wraps.

  • dallasboiler

    Nancy, I work one block from St Paul Place in the CDBD. The places that I’d recommend are: Tootsie’s (excellent burger buns & cinnamon rolls), Miguel’s Cantina (best Tex-Mex downtown), Kuai (simple, quick dumplings), Beyond the Box (gourmet to-go), and Treebird’s (best red beans & rice downtown). Other than Kuai, Asian food leaves much to be desired down here … but Lemongrass in Deep Ellum will usually deliver.

    Since the D crew was accustomed to Al Biernat’s in Oak Lawn, I’m assuming that you’ll make Stephan Pyles your new lunch / after-work drinks home.

  • curmudgeon

    Bon Apetit and Dallas Observer both thought highly of The Dallas Fish Market, I tried them a couple of weeks ago and even I could find anything to complain about…it was VERY good.

  • Sandra