Al Biernat Looks at Real Estate in the Design District in Dallas

We are moving our offices downtown next Friday which will be a big blow to Al Biernat’s business. (Goodbye Al; hello Stephan Pyles!) And lest you throw at big rock at me for hanging out at Al’s, I, unlike Tim or Eric, am not a regular at Al’s. I go for meetings perhaps three times a year. Al will back me up here.

Anywhoo, I bumped into Al the other day and he told me he was looking at property in the Design District near Shannon Wynne’s new restaurant. The area (think Candy Evans) is HOT, HOT, HOT. “I just went to tour the place,” said Al. “I don’t really have any real plans in mind but I am not closing my eyes to the possibility of doing something down there.”

In case you haven’t heard, Lower Oak Lawn (Design District) is being developed as a destination for local restaurants and businesses only. No Starbuck’s. No Chicago-based steak joints. No chains. The area just west of I-35 and Oak Lawn Avenue is destined to become a cool, neighborhood hangout. I think a Little Al’s would kick sass down there. Is he going to do it? “I really have to think about it,” said Al. “I sat there for two hours and all I saw were Mercedes and Porsches. And Kim Dawson is there so there will be lots of beautiful young people around.” Sounds like a no brainer to me.


  • B

    LOL (Lower Oak Lawn) looks like it’s going to be done right. On it’s way to be the next Knox/Henderson, but with it’s own Dallas Tollway exit. Did “the tour” myself. Go Al!

  • NaughtyButNice

    I just drove by those apartments and thought it would be a cool place if there was any place to eat or walk to. Sounds amazing. How much are the apartments???

  • Gern

    Get out your unicard and be ready to pay more for your alcohol, cause the district is dry…..