Will Central 214 Top Chef Blythe Beck Bottom Out on TV?

central214ashxIs reality TV good for the career of a chef? I don’t watch enough to have an educated opinion but, from where I sit, it looks like more top chefs bottom out after their 15 minutes, or months, of fame. Casey who? Tre what? Lisa Garza is where? Dig what I’m shooting at you?

Next girl up is Central 214’s Blythe Beck. She will star in The Naughty Kitchen With Chef Blythe Beck on Oxygen. I’ve never really understood the naughty kitchen concept. So I checked the shows website. It says:

Blythe Beck, the fiery young chef and star of Oxygen’s upcoming series The Naughty Kitchen With Chef Blythe Beck, shows off her distinctive sexy American cuisine, her cutting edge Dallas restaurant, Central 214, and her loud and flamboyant staff. The Naughty Kitchen With Chef Blythe Beck is certain to cook up the drama both in and out of the kitchen. Oxygen follows executive chef Blythe Beck, a 29-year old Texas native, who is plus-sized in stature and personality, and her colorful crew at Central 214, inside and outside the kitchen as they interact with the Dallas elite and the local university students.

Monday night I went to Central 214 to check it out and write a mini-review. Sadly, I didn’t see waitresses in garter belts or waiters wearing thongs, but I did find the Door Whores. And calories. Lots of calories. What is sexy about calories? I guess we will find out when the show starts on September 22nd. Somebody tell me this is a good thing.


  • babyarm

    I don’t think “Tre What” is fair. Tre is still widely regarded as one of the best contestants on Top Chef, despite (or perhaps because of) his much earlier than anticipated exit. I have to think Tre will be back when the economy improves.

    Casey is not forgotten either, but she’s definitely not a part of the Dallas scene anymore!

    I guess calories are naughty because food is the new sex when it comes to being moral.

  • DGirl

    Does the appearance of a chef on a reality show make you want to eat at his/her restaurant? I’m asking you, SideDishers. I personally think that if a chef is on TV, at every food and wine festival and promoting his/her cookbook, then that chef isn’t where I want them to be when I’m paying a fat wad of cash to eat at his/her restaurant. And that’s the in kitchen.

  • Glenn Campbell

    wtf is a “Door Whore”?

  • hostess

  • Jane

    Being a chef is an occupation fraught with chasms of wanting to be in the kitchen, and wanting to be recognized. Chefs are passionate, creative, insecure loners who just want to be loved. They are constantly faced with ‘Do I want to be in the kitchen at 7am to meet the vendors and leave at 2am after I get hammered with the crew at Primo’s?’ Or ‘Do I want to see junior grow up and eat dinner with him every night?’ There is a constant struggle to please people, palates and family. You will have your chef’s like Sharon Hage and David Uyger, who only wish to be in their restaurant and pump out insanely good food. Then you have the upper echelon of celebrity chefs who always seem to be travelling to some new exotic region to bring a new dish home to the masses, promoting a new restaurant or whoring themselves out to a media outlet for yet another appearance.

    It’s easy to be critical of chefs who seek media exposure. All we see is someone who wants to be a star. All they see is that they really just want to make more money, work less than 60 hours, be happy and loyal to the people who got them there and somehow, some way, still make kick a$$ food. Chef’s can never please anybody for long, not even themselves.

    And it looks fun, doesn’t it? Eating, socializing, travelling…However, the demands of a chef to be the hottest thing around is never reflected in public. It’s reflected in their calloused feet, their aching back, the jacked up knees, the stressed out home life, the threat of a 6 week stint in rehab and the disappointment they feel when yet another wanna be critic kicks them in the macadamia’s.

  • Jane

    ..and Nancy, I was not referring to you as the wanna be critic 🙂

  • DALLASChef

    I am actually surprised that a reputable company like the Kimpton Group(they own 214) would set themselves up by allowing the face of their company on television spewing words like “door whore” and calling staff members queers or bitches. I happened to be in a bar recently when she was in filming and I was ABHORRED by this womans behavior, as well as the rest of her “entourage”. As a female chef, I have worked VERY hard over the years to dispel stereo-types of women in the kitchen, and I am disappointed that millions of people will think that this is the way a kitchen is run by a woman. Unfortunatley instead of being an empowering role model, she is not only embarrassing herself but the industry as a whole. I by no means judge anyone for trying to make a living, but “whoring” yourself while claiming to be a “chef” isn’t the way to do it.

    As a side note, the bartender told me(I didn’t say a word about her, nor did I ask him any questions about her)that her days at 214 are close to an end. Anyone know anything about this “rumor”?

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    Anyone who deep fries their CFS, let alone Kobe beef, deserves a swift kick in their naughty parts.

  • Money quote: “Chef’s can never please anybody for long, not even themselves.”

    I’m a-guessing Jane’s married to the biz. Great comment.

  • Due in great part to the lifestyle of chefs (as described in Jane’s earlier post), unless their name is over the door or on the mortgage, I believe every chef has a foot out the door.

  • Bill Kimpton

    I said it before and I’ll say it again….I just rolled over in my grave.

  • Media Ho

    Nancy you make a great point. Even tho Casey and Tre may have jobs.they seem to have been burned by the bright lights of 15 min of fame. And I can’t believe that beautiful dining room at 214 is the stage for vulgarity. It is so much more sophisticated.

  • Julia

    I personally wouldn’t be more drawn to a restaurant with a reality tv star chef. I like to watch Iron Chef America and think those chefs are great most of the time, but it doesn’t make me want to go to the restaurants. I want to eat great food cooked by someone whois passionate and personable and not an ego manic person.

  • How long was Naughty at Hectors?

  • MsButterworth

    I just watched the promo for Naughty Kitchen. Excuse me but that woman is very heavy and the whole show looks contrived. Are those cast members really people that work at her restaurant? I guess you want your doctors skinny and your chefs fat. Maybe she’ll be good for Dallas.

  • Last comment deleted. Y’all play nice.

  • k

    WOW everyone has an opinion! some are good and some not so good. SHE “blythe” as well as “casey” are HACKS! i can say that because i had the unfortunate pleasure of working with both of them. shameless self promoters. who have had their fair share and underserved 15 minutes of fame. Get real dallas real chefs have had to work their way up the ranks.

  • DallasChocolateLover

    Why do I even bother reading about these “Celebrity Chefs”! I guess it’s like watching a train wreck and you just can’t look away. I agree with the others. If she were a Professional Chef, she would be in the resturant and have respect for the staff. She’s not the only one that makes the dining experience.

  • Kellyn

    Said it before in my RW review a couple of weeks ago. Food was above average but the atmosphere because of the show really rubbed me the wrong way. Not really sure if it is a good thing – at all.

  • D-man

    What gives this slob the right to have this kind of attitude! What has she done, except hire a good PR person and Agent. Have you read her Face Book page? All of her posts sound like they were written by her Press Agent

  • Curious

    I still haven’t read what’s sexy about deep fried foods or an obese chef. I’ve read the Central 214 menu wanting badly to be drawn to dine there, but it just doesn’t do it for me. Can anyone who’s been explain the naughty or sexy part?

  • Duncan

    Nancy, that is a wonderfully enjoyable review … may have to actually go back to 214, which i loved under the old regime.

  • The food is way different from the old regime.

  • Duncan

    no worries .. still sounds like a great experience.

  • Duncan

    oh, and no i don’t work there!

  • Employee

    As a former employee, I can tell you that everyone there is/was an actual employee during the taping of the show. People in the service industry have personalities that lend themselves to be entertaining.

  • Lisa

    There is nothing more offensive than a very large woman with a very large personality. The sight of her alone makes me lose my appetite. That accompanied with her big mouth would lead a lot of people to not watch this show. Rosie O’donnel is no longer on television for the same reasons.

  • suzanne

    wow, people are really hard on her. If she looked like Giada Delaurentis showing her rack off would people be so mean? She can be a little overbearing on the show but I think she is likeable. I’ll never get to eat there as I live in PA but it seems like a fun atmosphere so people should quit hating on obese chefs and embrace her for being herself and not starving herself and being airbrushed for tv.

  • keep quoting these dead white guys for a reason. We seem to be repeating some particularly nasty history, right now.