The Wooden Spoon in Plano: JulMust

julAndrew Chalk gives you another good reason to drive outside of the loop. Already there? Good for you.

Saker går bättre med Coke!

According to that is Swedish for “Things Go Better with Coke,” a Coca-Cola slogan from the distant past. I am not sure if it ever reached Sweden, in part because the Swedes have their own brown soft drink JulMust. It is not a straight cola, tasting like carbonated caramel, but it fulfills the same role. It must be therapeutic as the side label lists its ingredients as “Filtered carbonated water, sugar, caramel color, flavors produced by natural hops and malt (produced from barley), citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, sodium benzoate (preservative)”. I can assure you that it tastes as good as it sounds. Its $2.25 (with 10cents back on the bottle if you drive to Michigan). If you fancy trying this unusual beverage, and a host of other Scandinavian delicacies, put on your best Viking helmet, re-read chapter one of Pillaging for Dummies and head to The Wooden Spoon in East Plano.

Driving to East Plano? Ingen problem, rätt!?