Sneak Peek of John Tesar’s Modern Steak and Seafood

For those of you who’ve been missing the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek‘s former chef John Tesar, his new restaurant in the Woodlands is open. The Brad has a sneak peek over here. He calls the space “sexy” and the food “seductive.” He’s seems definitely, um, excited. Also worth noting: Tesar has his own line of condiments now, with a little cartoon Tesar on each bottle. Brad mentions a wasabi mustard, and it looks like there’s also a ketchup, and a chipotle BBQ sauce.


  • Ha! (I wrote it at 1:30 am… enjoy the photos…)

  • Linda

    Just a clarification: the restaurant is open. I went there for dinner a few weeks ago and everything was fantastic. Definitely worth the drive to eat there. They are also open for lunch and Sunday brunch.

  • Julia

    Linda – the drive from where? Dallas? You must be high. People in Dallas won’t even drive 25 minutes north on the tollway to eat, let alone several hours (not 2.5, TheBrad!) I heard that location in the Woodlands is cursed – several other restaurants have tried and failed there. Nevertheless, he’s a good cook and I’m sure the food tastes good.

  • Linda

    Julia, I love food. I have flown to NYC to eat at Per Se and Le Bernardin. I’d go to Yountville if I can get a reservation at French Laundry and to Spain if I could eat at elBulli. So yes, I would drive to the Woodlands to eat at Tesars.

  • gigi

    We are driving down on Sunday just to eat there. I hear it’s very, very good.

  • bawdy snatcher

    Tesar ain’t Ripert, Keller, or Adria.

  • bill johnson

    He is not Ripert, Keller or Adria, or Dean Fearing for that matter.
    He is John Tesar and an amazing chef and a good guy who cooks as well as the before mentioned chefs.
    His concept is Houston is fun and sexy and very good for being open only 3 weeks. I have driven down to the Woodlands twice already. so bawdy snatcher ?
    What is your point ? is Keller, Ripert or Adria ,Keller? is this a riddle ?

  • Julia

    That’s good for the environment, gigi. Drive safe.

  • bawdy snatcher

    It’s only a riddle for the obtuse, Bill. If you think Tesar is the equal of three of the world’s best known three-starred chefs, that would explain your confusion. Frank Bruni didn’t think Tesar was Keller’s and Ripert’s equal when he wrote the review that sent Tesar running back to Texas with his tail between his legs. Have fun with those road trips. Maybe you can carpool with Gigi, Linda, and Tesar’s other alter egos.

  • Michelle

    I bought a bottle of Dean Fearing’s BBQ Thousand Island Dressing at Central Market. Holy cow!! It is AMAZING!!!!!

  • l shark

    Hey, Bawdy [[talk about obtuse]
    The fact is that many chefs are as good as the 3 star chefs you mention . It’s there venue that makes them better . The chefs room at the Mansion was indeed as good as some of the best restaurants in the world.
    At 20 seats and a free wheeling menu what was not to like not to mention the numerous 5 star reviews and Beard nomination for the chef..
    Tesar proved his natural ability to cook and change an iconic institution into a great fine dining experience.

    Critic and chefs from around the world validated that fact so hate on and lie yourself to sleep tonight.
    I hear his restaurant is already doing KILLER business AFTER ONLY 3 WEEKS .
    This means mucho covers and mucho dinero isn’t that what counts ?
    Lets see how his replacement does with 20 year old waiters and there frayed bow ties ? By the way the review was all Burke Tesar was hired to fix the place after the Times had eaten there 4 times so get the facts straight , there was even a retraction in the Times to state so . Hater with no cause reveal yourself .

  • Truth

    “Hater with no cause” — classic tesar comment. Go away, will you?