Shawn Horne Out as GM at Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty

The Snooty Foodies have the scoop, but it’s only in their newsletter, and not on their website, that I can find. So, here’s the pasted version:

Our good buddy, Elvis groupie, and the fastest wine taster in Dallas metro, Shawn Horne, has left as GM of Wolfgang Puck’s big gyrating ball in the sky Five-Sixty effective last week. We won’t say it was a matter of too many cooks in the kitchen or that wolves in sheep’s clothing were always lurking…but… Mr. Horne ain’t scared of heights either so you do the math.

What a bummer for Five Sixty. But! Horne already has another gig. Read on:

Unlike the real Elvis, Shawn hasn’t crashed and burned (or overdosed). He’s heading over to run the new restaurant Dish in the Illumina building on Cedar Springs and Douglas. Rumor has it Chef Doug Brown is also involved in the project and they are targeting a November 1 start date (which probably means February in restaurant speak). From the info we’ve seen, Dish appears to dance on the fringe of fine dining American – sorta like a chef driven Houston’s.

Good scoop SF, and good luck to Shawn Horne.