Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Tracy Miller of Local in Deep Ellum Looking Around?

One of my I-know-everybody friends was lunching at Salum in Uptown and files this report:

While lunching at Salum, I saw Local chef/owner Tracy Miller with Bryan Haase checking out the abandoned space next door to Salum. It used to be Couture Cleaners. Looks like someone is planning a new restaurant. Question: Is the talented Ms. Miller involved and what does this mean for Local?

Good sassy questions, my boy. Haase is, according to his Twitter page, a Commercial Real Estate Guru.


  • Worzel Gummidge

    She may also want to check out one of the few empty slots at “The Shops at Legacy” in Plano. Great footfall.

  • Twinwillow

    The space that was formally Couture Cleaners is very small.
    I’m not an expert but my guess is, after a small kitchen is installed, it will probably only be able to seat at most, maybe 20 people.
    And with only being able to seat small amounts of people, they’ll need to a brisk lunch and possibly, a good breakfast business as well as dinner to make it profitable.
    I hope it works for them. I live literally, around the corner and would love a good little casual restaurant close by to me. Especially for breakfast.

  • Phar Lo

    We went to Local last week and there were only customers at three tables. Everyone talks about how much they love the place, but why aren’t they going there?

  • Robin

    I’m one of those (shame on me) that avows to lovelovelove Local, but never goes. For me, it’s a combination of price, location, and parenting. It’s really expensive (a hamburger there is $40 – that’s expensive). But let’s say I am getting facied up for a date night with the husband, we’re limited time budget as well, which all depends on how long I can bribe the babysitter to stay. Which means I don’t like a lot of car time between where I eat and whatever’s next. There’s not a lot of “whatever’s next” in deep ellum anymore for the over 30 parenting demographic. So we’ve been opting for places on Knox or in uptown.

    Since geography’s a factor for me, maybe a relo would be a wise choice.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    Robin: $40 hamburger?

    According to the menu:
    $23. _ $35.

    eden creek farm grass_fed beef burger basket
    gruyere spiked, caramelized 1015 onions, yellow tomato,
    horseradish secret sauce, panko fries + warm house_made ketchup

    That’s the closest and its a lot more than a hamburger.

  • HK

    Ditto to Robin – I LOVE LOVE LOVE Local. But only go once or twice a year because of location. We eat out 3 or 4 times per week (1 or 2 times with the kids). As a 40 something parent in PH, I don’t think of Deep Ellum as destination dining. Neighborhood Services is on our list at least once a month. Tracy, move a bit North, we’d be there!

  • PF

    portions are small –

  • Brian P.

    I don’t know if you realize it, Worzel Gummidge, but you’re making Robin’s point, not refuting it.

  • Jimmy

    if tracy has a breakfast joint it will blow everyone out of the water. she can cook brunch yummies like no other!!!!