Pegasus News is Desperate for Comments: Develops “Outbursts”

Mike Orren needs your help. Keep your comments on SideDish.
Mike Orren needs your help. Keep your comments on SideDish.

I thought I was desperate for attention! Mike Orren, the wizard behind the Oz over at Pegasus News, has found another outlet for his ADHD—it’s called Outbursts. The feature is designed especially for your prefrontal cortex and encourages “verified users” to “post news and links on any local topic you like. All you have to do is click the Post an Outburst” link on the Outbursts page.”  According to this “complete guide to ADHD site” symptoms of the disorder include “blurting out inappropriate comments, show their emotions without restraint, and act without regard for consequences.” Check out Outbursts and leave your scathing comments here. Remember, we have prizes and they don’t!


  • Hey Nancy, didn’t you miss a couple categories for “filed under”?

  • Didn’t mean to start a ruckus between PegNews and SideDish. Mike picked up on the irony of the Outburst which is furthered by the fact that I’m a sucker for any free food, comment-posting promotion you wanna throw at me!

  • Erik

    I just want to know where my free Grape Burger is…

    Hungry in Rockwall

  • Worzel Gummidge

    Is this just the first step in Pegasus news changing its name to Tourette’s News?

  • Shelle

    Don’t worry – we like you both. No need to fight or offend each other.

  • Mike, make those those moving dinosaurs go away. They scare me.

  • MonkeyMan

    No, Worzel. It’s just Nancy acting 13 yrs old again.

  • Justin

    Pegasus News must be hurting for ad dollars, they’re trying to ramp up page views.

  • Jamie Hogan

    it looks like a Tourette Tweet Deck. makes me dizzy