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Hot Dogs in Dallas: Eddie’s Deli


eddies1Okay folks, I am filing this dining experience under “Weirdest of All Times.” InsideCorner’s Evan Grant and I set out the other day to check out Eddie’s Deli located on the southeast corner of Northwest Highway and Abrams. As you can see, it’s not much to look at from the outside, or the inside for that matter. As we walked toward the place, we detected the strong smell of mothballs. When Evan opened the door, we were flooded with fumes. As we stood looking over the menu, our eyes started to water and my throat tightened up.

Braving the naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene odor, we noticed that the guy who works the counter was mumbling to himself as he waited for us to make our selection from their short list: Chicago Hot Dog, Texas Hot Dog, Eddie Dog, Eddie Chili Dog, Maxwell Street Polish, and Polish Sausage. I covered my nose and ordered: A Maxwell Street Polish for me, a regular dog for Evan, who, at this point, was at a table outside with his head between his knees gasping for air. I waited for the dogs, which, in my checkbook, were kinda pricey $5.50 and $4.50 respectively. There was only one other customer in the tiny store and no sign of any moths, which I guess is a good thing. But by the time our order was ready, the overwhelming stench had burned my nasal passages.

Regular Chicago dog.
Classic hot dog.

It was an unfortunate experience because, even with the putrid smell, the dogs were terrific. The Polish sausage was griddled and covered with hot sautéed onions and spicy sport peppers. Evan’s regular dog was all beef Vienna and couched in the same warm poppy seed bun with neon green relish (no peppers or celery salt).

As we made our way home, I called the store and asked them about the smell and the guy said, “Oh it must be the stuff I use to clean the floors with. I guess I’d better go open the door.” So if you go to Eddie’s and see the door open, go inside. Otherwise, call ahead and place your order and dash in. For, despite the stinky setting, the dogs are fantastic.  5844 Abrams Rd. @ Northwest Highway. 214-692-5844.

Maxwell Street Polish
Maxwell Street Polish

UPDATE FROM EVAN: Nancy may be using a tad bit of writer’s license here. I believe it was her who was outside, head crouched between legs. But you get the point, we were so overwhelmed by the fumes that our brains were as fried as the onions. The mothball smell was so powerful you could smell it from 10 feet away when a customer exiting the place opened the door. After 10 minutes, my eyes felt like I had either left them open while swimming the length of an Olympic pool or I had been in a very smoky room for several hours. Either way, not a really good side dish to go with the hot dogs. My dog was good, the bun exceptional, but my appetite really was ruined for the rest of the day.

And I ask this: Nancy makes this whole deal about wanting a hot dog and then she orders a Polish. What’s up with that?