Hot Dogs in Dallas: Double Dip Frozen Custard in Frisco

Bad picture of a bad Spicy Dog.
Bad picture of a bad Spicy Dog.

On September 3rd, I asked you guys an innocent question: What’s for lunch? I was jonsing for a hot dog. You all chimed in with suggestions and I headed out to try a few. First stop was Dog Stop. Then came Eddie’s Deli, Zinsky’s Delicatessen, and Wild About Harry’s. I ate two dogs in each place and even after eight, I was still happy to look for more.

Yesterday I drove to Main Street in old Frisco to try the dogs at Double Dip Frozen Custard. The sign our front claims: “Double Dip Famous Dogs. Large, Lean All-Beef Hot Dogs on a Wheat Bun!” The list of selections is rated by the number of napkins it takes to eat each dog. You’ll need two for the Spicy Dog with green chili relish and honey dill mustard. It takes at least three to handle the Chili Dog made with “Texas-style chili.” Four napkins will get you through their Super Dog “piled high with green chili relish, Texas-style chili, and chopped onions.”

What they desperately need on the menu are barf bags.

Bad picture of a bad Chili Dog.
Bad picture of a bad Chili Dog.

I could have filled two after consuming only half of my Spicy Dog, a stone cold wiener “cooked” on one of those cheesy rotating hot dog racks. It was topped with cold, runny sweet green chili relish that ran down my arm and pooled in the cuffs of my white shirt. To make the dog even more intolerable, there was the mound of unmelted grated cheese covering the whole mess. My “I’ll-Eat-Anything” friend who subbed for Evan, who was busy living baseball rainout hell, was equally disgusted with his Chili Dog. I had to ask questions.

“What kind of hot dogs do you use?” I asked one of the chirpy young girls working the stand. None of them had a clue. “Can you look at a package and tell me?” I pushed. “Oh, I think they are Farmstead or Frank or something like that,” muttered one. “What about the chili,” I asked. “Oh, we just heat it up,” said another.

So here is the deal: they call it Double Dip Custard for a reason. They have zillions of frozen custard options such as shakes, caliches (“like a blizzard”), sundaes, splits, topping, nuts, and flavors. They are dog friendly and kid friendly, just not hot dog friendly. I have spent the last 24 hours sipping broth, drinking water, and eating Wheat Thins.


  • Tr

    So who did you get mad anyway to have to cover the hot dog beat? And I thought being a fantastic restaurant critic meant you got to quibble about generally fantastic food.

  • Mark

    Ouch !

  • TG

    hey looky, a recent feature in the Philadelphia Inquirer on “gourmet hot dogs”

  • Gastronome

    That sure doesn’t look like a whole wheat bun.

  • MH

    Funny TR. Don’t know about their dogs but the custard is really good there. The Straw Anna or caliche with carmel all day…