Hot Dogs in Dallas: Costco in Plano

costco1This will be my last hot dog report for a while—my stomach is still recovering from Sunday. After I visited Double Dip Frozen Custard in Frisco, I headed over to Costco to try their dog. I thought Costco sold Sabrett or Hebrew National in their concession stand, but when I got there I was not too surprised to find Kirkland products on the menu. (Hebrew National dogs are available in the refrigerated meats section.) Short story: the all-beef Kirkland dogs are cooked in a shallow pan of hot water and any flavor the “meat” might had ever had has been boiled away. They present a nice beef-to-steamed-bun ratio—almost an inch of  the wiener hang from each end. They are cheap: two dogs and refillable drinks were $3.25! And they offer freshly diced onions, but I’ll eat before I go again. Oh wait, I did that last time. Maybe that is why I’ve been sipping Sprite and eating Wheat Thins for two days. Moving on.


  • Too bad, a few miles further north and you could have had the Hot Dog meal deal at Ikea. $2 buys you a jumbo hot dog and a large fountain drink.

    Or further south, yesterday I served freshly grilled jumbo Hebrew National hot dogs for $2.50 at the Franklin Field (Hillcrest High School football stadium) concessions stand. No onions, but we have jalapenos.

  • Way to go, Panthers.

  • What Amy said. I’ve actually gone to Ikea JUST for a hot dog! I like the skinny, New York-cart-on-the-street style….Man, I could go for an Ikea right now!

  • air


    Head over to the East Plano Costco near 75/Spring Creek, their concessions sell Hebrew Nationals hot dogs.

  • Justin

    Nancy, you should do a hot dog wrap up post ranking first to last all the places you tried.

  • Justin, I will. I thought I was through but several office mates feel I need to include a few other places.

  • S. Freud


    I have concluded that you are obsessed with weiners.

  • mike

    once more, try the AllGood Cafe Chili Dawg. or have it YOUR way. Hebrew Nationals and they are GRILLED, just like you like ’em.

  • TC

    Chicago’s Gourmet Pizza on Custer just south of Parker makes a great Chicago Dog with genuine Vienna Beef!