Guessing Games: The Winners of The Grape “Free Burger” Gift Certificates

Some people think this is the best burger in Texas.
Some people think this is the best burger in Texas.

Listen up: Monday, Brian Luscher of The Grape offered 10 gift certificates to the first ten commenters to this post.

If you are Tx2Step, Elena34, Kyle, Ash, Melody, DarnellErwinFletcher, CD, MaggieP, Chuck, or Erik, e-mail me with contact information so that I can get the certificates to you.


  • PotNet

    Do the first ten commenters to this post get runner up honors, if any of them fall through?

  • Oh, why not. Let’s make this even harder.

  • jeff

    I want a burger!

  • elena34

    I thought that I was emailing you privately; can you quickly remove my info?

    Please help!!!!

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    HOT TIP from BURGERLAND (from a guy who goes to Wingfield’s regularly after going to Burger House via Lee Harvey’s). Meaning I’m slowellen with more than pride:

    FYI, yesterday I returned to Riverside Diner, about a block from Big Mango on south side of Industrial. Oh my God, their special Riverside burger (or whatever it’s called…in the middle of the burger option menu choices…the bombs away burger) comes with bacon and two slices of cheese and the absolutely perfectly proportioned onion, tomato, pickles, ….the traditional works on a toasted-on-the-grill-to-perfection bun. Comes with tots or fries or something for $5 dollars and change. THIS BURGER is beyond belief perfection. Try it. I’ve had this twice now and both times I made sounds like Meg Ryan in that restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally.

  • Shelbyg75

    Burger pretty please!!!

  • rob

    comment 67

  • danielle

    I LOVE burgers…and contests…and winning. 🙂


    Yum! Need burger!!!!

  • Count me in!