• Stelldiggity




  • Vic

    Highland Park Cafeteria

  • Blog Hogess


  • Scagnetti

    Twisted Vine?

  • GrapePicker

    The Grape, duh!

  • BigAl

    Kim Peares house?

  • BigAl

    Kim Pearces house?

  • shelbyg75

    Rockett Café

  • Media Hol


  • Gastronome

    Stephen Pyles.

  • Gastronome

    No, make that Aurora.

  • Gastronome


  • Kathie G

    Black Eyed Pea

  • Sarah

    Since Tillman’s is taken, I’ll guess Highland Park Cafeteria.

  • JoeB

    Judge Bean’s

  • Jason


  • Bad_Ike

    comment 67!

    What do I win?

  • Shane

    Rockett Cafe

  • Liz


  • CBS

    if there was a roll lady, I’d say Grandy’s.

  • KahunaSteve

    If it’s not Bubba’s, then it’s someone doing a good impression of Bubba’s. But I think that it is Bubba’s, no, wait, yeah, it’s Bubba’s.

  • rob


  • NaughtyButNice

    Central 214

  • rob

    brother’s or whatever it’s called now

  • Twinwillow

    The French Room at the Adolphus!

  • luniz

    it’s definitely not Babe’s.

  • Billylaredo

    Gene Street’s house. I can tell by the table top and the cheap plate!
    If that ain’t it then it is at Harvey Gough’s house. I can tell by the tin foil and the cheap !

  • court westcott


  • DesignBoy

    I’m going out on a limb: Bailey’s at Park Lane because there is a baked potato next to it.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    It’s John Tesar’s. I walk down to Houston every Friday for it.

  • Billusa99

    Why would Scott want to waste his time on a silly guessing game?

    Some people.

  • jed

    All good?

  • Kellyn

    Peggy Sue’s?

  • Max

    Original Market Diner

  • Hi, Bill USA99!! I hope you win!

  • MP

    Come on already, where is it from? I need to go eat that sucker.

  • luniz

    Two Rows or Chili’s?

  • JonnyDallas

    Since no one has guessed Ozona, I will.

  • DGirl

    Worzel Gummidge – Funny!

    Where is it, NN? You’ve got everyone craving CFS.

  • GJ

    Ranchman’s Cafe in Ponder.

  • Y’all give? Wanna clue? Nobody is even close.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Metro Diner?

  • JonnyDallas

    Hmmm…Working from your clues in the original post, and that nobody is even CLOSE, my next guess is Norma’s.

    And if thats not right then its Cliff Cafe.

  • Jed


  • Max


  • Max

    or Furr’s

  • Sander

    rathbun’s blue plate

  • Opposite of close…is…

  • rob


  • Sarah

    Something further away? Reata?

  • JonnyDallas

    Well, the opposite of close is near or open…the metal plate and funky formica table/counter top are a clue…there’s no gravy for some reason…uhmmm…you posted something about Hoppin’ John at Peggy Sue BBQ on Monday,…So my guess is Peggy Sue BBQ.

  • GJ

    Sounds like a Sunday Road Trip to the Koffee Kup in Hico.

  • DGirl

    Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls or The Shed in Edom.

  • shelbyg75

    Jubilee Trailhouse?

  • Twinwillow

    Who eats CFS with a, baked potato? And, no gravy?
    Nancy, did you make this at home?

  • Marci

    I’m thinking the Cliff?