Good News For Healthy Diners: UFood Grill and Urban Taco in Dallas

From the copy and paste good news press release department:

Gina Puente-Brancato, Chief Executive Officer of Puente-Brancato Enterprises, announced today that her company will open UFood Grill and Urban Taco restaurants in Dallas County’s Parkland Memorial Hospital. Currently PBE owns and operates UFood Grill and Urban Taco locations, and 20 other businesses, in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

UFood Grill, which serves no fried food, is a natural for hospitals looking to provide diners with a quick-service restaurant offering “better-for-you” versions of traditional favorites, such as chicken wraps, whole grain rice bowls and specialty salads. Urban Taco, a modern Mexican taqueria, has been enhanced to serve authentic Mexican favorites with more nutritional balance.

Using all fresh ingredients, the menu includes items such as salads, urban tacos, and Mexico City tortas. PBE is hiring more than 100 positions for the two restaurants before their December 1st, 2009 openings. PBE is continually searching for “difference makers” who enjoy a smaller, fast-paced organization that recognizes individual contributions and fresh, new ideas. The company is hiring everything from cooks to cashiers, food preps, administrative, utility and management personnel. Interested applicants should call 972-574-6227 or email [email protected].


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