D Home Restaurant Awards: We Need Your Help

So our sweet friends at D Home are doing something called the Restaurant Awards, in which they honor restaurants for good design, lighting, tabletop, signage, ambience, etc. We figured you, dear Dishers, are full of opinions. So we hope you’ll give us some ideas for your favorites in the following categories—or feel free to add your own.

Tabletop (Glasses, Plates, Silverware, Tablecloths, Placemats, Centerpieces)
Pretty Patrons/People Watching
Patio Furniture
Wall Coverings
Best Place to Have An Affair
Front Door


  • G Bertram

    “Best place to have an Affair” on this list????

    ..something you want to tell us Jennifer????

  • Kirk

    Tei An, in all categories.

  • foodsampler

    Sitting in the hand painted chairs, on the screened patio, by the fountain, at Eden restaurant on West Lovers Lane, is a great ambiance and the best place in Dallas to have an affair!! It’s a really exclusive (feeling) place where no one will know you are there unless you want them to, and it covers 5 of your ‘best of’ catagories! If you want to make it 7 catagories, inside Eden is a great place for looking at fine art work, and people watching too! Besides, Eden has the best Quiche and salads in town.

  • Jane

    Royal Thai and York Street come to mind.

    The Thai place represents the ethnicity without looking too cheesy, but I noticed that the chairs are starting to show some wear.

    York Street just seems to have it all down. I just wish the front of it could be worked on.

    Dakota’s always seems like a great place to hide…

  • Dakota’s fountain on their patio. Two stories tall, yet underground, hard to beat.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    Clearly McDonald’s. They established the design of premises, furnishings and equipment for the most popular restaurants in the world, and were copied by almost everyone that followed. From the chairs that are too hard too linger on, to the microswaves with buttons marked “Quarter Pounder”, “Big Mac”, etc. they are the epitome of design fit for purpose.

  • Kirk

    Worzel: You forgot to nominate the food area at your favorite Walmart!

  • Duncan

    The private room at Tillman’s is remarkable. I also agree with Kirk about Tei An

  • ash

    Best Bathroom- Rise no. 1

  • Billusa99

    Rise n°1 , for anything to do with wall coverings (American Clay Earth Plaster), ambiance, tables, settings, art, lighting, chairs, settings etc.

    For drapes, call Bill Addison for his favs.

  • Scagnetti

    Routh Street Cafe.

  • Amanda

    San Miguel for best bathroom. The ladies room is so cute and funny that I always drag the men in there to see it.

  • Lindsay

    I really enjoy dining in the rounded booths at Craft that are separated from each other by unique vertical lights.

  • JJ

    The Most beautiful dining room in the city would have to go to Nobu… i know there are some skeptics out there but come on

  • tinkerbell

    Most beautiful HAS to be French Room. I genuflect every time I walk in the room!

  • Tr

    Amanda, you’d be a great date!

  • Dressage Barbie

    I love those really tall, high backed chairs at Fearings. And, I always laugh at the sign on the wall at Twisted Root that says how tasty the burgers are.

  • Kim


    For ambience, lighting, intimacy, chairs, bar…original flooring…the design is stellar.

  • Kim

    second vote is cast for tei an

  • Rynn Taylor

    It’s cozy and sexy at the same time…
    The lounge in Maximo!!!! The walls are covered with a yummy green velvet.It’s my favorite place to get stuck in an old leather chair and have the BEST jalapeno margarita ever.

  • LisaS

    Bijoux and Charlie Palmer’s. Bijoux for the calm, serene setting that screams, “slow down and enjoy.” Charlie Palmer for the thought and concept and feel of the place.

  • Matt

    Pyles for tablewear (the plates); Mansion for art; Hattie’s for mural/art (the oversized blue plate graphic); Nick and Sam’s for waitstaff; Local for ambience, lighting; Blue Mesa for front door.

  • The Mercury for ambiance, great wine list, fantastic food, quiet professional service and the sweetest chef in town Chris Ward. The low lit, nuetral colors and soft fabrics make this resaurant feel relaxing and comfortable. I go here once a week! Oh and I love the funky music playing in the background.