Voila Bakery In Allen Is Closed

Speaking of  Teresa Gubbins, and feel free to do so below, she is reporting that Voila Bakery in Allen closed two weeks ago. Last Wednesday I dined at Cadot and they made a big deal out of the fact that the French baguette was baked at Voila. Had it been frozen for a while? Didn’t taste like it and even this guy can detect freezer burn on bread. I just spoke with folks at Cadot and they confirmed the bakery is closed and they are looking for another source. Dang.


  • Matt

    Worst news ever, that place was spectacular. I’ll happily donate my kitchen as a store front when he gets back.

  • Barbara

    I was working in upper Manhattan for 3 weeks and would go to a nursing home next door to the school I was working in for lunch. I asked where the multi grain sandwich bread came from since it was head and shoulders above ANYthing I had ever tasted in a setting like this. The gal brought out the loaf wrapped in cellophane marked voila and I was SOOO disheartened to learn the bakery is closed. I am wondering how it tasted so fresh this week if the bakery was closed since August 10. My aunt and uncle owned a bakery in the 50’s in NYC and I know my bread! This was outstanding for a sandwich bread. Please let me know if someone takes over. Thanks very much!