Turning the Tables: What is the Best Meal You Ever Ate in Dallas?

catvomitsign-205x3001Okay, Dishers, let’s hit this one out to the cheap seats. Here are some of my most memorable bites in Dallas:

Steak au poivre with fried parsley at Ewald’s.
Chris Ward’s halibut at The Mercury.
Chiles rellenos at original Matt’s.
Wingfield’s burger. (Pat Sharpe, you blew it.)
Every meal I ate when Avner Samuel was the chef at The Mansion.
Pork buns at Yao Fuzi in Plano.
Cinnamon rolls at Southern Kitchen.
Youngblood’s fried chicken.
Kona crusted steak at Capital Grille.
Chicken fried steak and any pie at Ranchman’s in Ponder.


  • Ketchum

    St. Martins on Greenville – late 1990s, group of 8 dot-commy colleagues, polished off 4 bottles of bourbon at bar. Staggered to table, ate meal and polished off another 6-7 bottles of wine. Large bill. Very large bill. Boss pays. Boss is fired after turning in expense report and carrying on with 20 year old admin and P/T stripper. All in all, a “Flawless” night.

  • Brad

    Absolute favorite – anything from Mother Mesquite’s Cantina. Damn you CRO, Inc. and your goofy El Chico stuff for closing up that shop…

    Cheesefries from Snuffers. Queso at Chuy’s. 10 course vegan tasting menu at Nana. Key Lime pie at the Grape about 5 years ago. A steak I had at the Grape in 1998 — who was the chef then and where are they now? And lastly, anything on the patio or by the fireplace at Tucker. I miss you.

  • amanda

    First date with my husband…St. Martins. The food, service, company, booze blended into pure magic.

  • Jane

    The Mansion- during John Tesar’s first year before he became bitter. 10 courses and lots of champagne. I took off my dress on the way home while riding in the car. My husband still teases me about it.

    George- Skatefish cooked to perfection, buttery Red Quinoa and brussel sprouts that were pulled apart leaf by leaf and lightly sauteed with bacon and lemon juice. Pure Heaven.

    I met a ‘so called’ divorced guy on the internet and he took me to the Green Room when Marc Cassel was still there. We were enjoying our meal when his wife walked up, turned to me and apologized, saying ‘I’ll take my husband home now’ handed me some cash to pay for my dinner, and took him away. I sat and enjoyed the rest of my meal with a satisfied smirk on my face, but deep down embarrassed and mortified.

    A year later, I saw the couple in Central Market. I smiled- they smiled, we nodded to eachother and it then occurred to me that they probably did that ‘scenario’ for fun.

    Can you say ‘Punked’?

  • Vceleste

    Any meal I ever had at the Green Room. Miss it so much!

  • rob

    It’s a tie between one of Tre Wilcox’ last nights at Abacus or The Mansion on Turtle Creek last October 15 cooked by John Tesar.

    The meal with Tre was the 9-course tasting menu paired with wines:

    1. Kobe Beef Carpaccio with Violet Mustard and Horseradish Creme Fraiche
    2. Quick Smoked Hamachi with Thai Jumbo Lump Crab Salad
    3. Monkfish BLT – Bacon wrapped Monkfish topped with fresh avocado on a bed of wilted romaine and sliced tomatoes
    4. Olive oil poached Salmon wrapped around Asparagus served with Black Truffle Risotto
    5. Raspberry Sorbet
    6. Rabbit Two Ways – Proscuitto wrapped Rabbit Loin on top of Rabbit Ravioli with Rabbit Jus
    7. Duck Two Ways – Seared Duck breast served with Crispy Foie Gras
    8. Colorado Lamb Chops with Black Truffle Whippers
    9. Cheese Selection of Spanish, Wisconsin and Italian Cheeses, Candied Walnuts and Fresh Fruits
    10. Tres Leches Creme Brulee

    Dinner at the Mansion was a silent auction package that was purchased at the Caesar Salad Competition which was won by John Tesar in 2008. We were seated at the Chef’s Table in the Tasting Room and next door to us was Anthony Hopkins who was in town to conduct the Dallas Orchestra and be interviewed by Gary Cogill who was part of the Silent Auction package. About halfway through dinner, Anthony Hopkins was gracious enough to stop by our table and say hi.

    Dinner at the Mansion:

    Foie Gras with smoked salmon, terrine, spinach and toasted brioche

    Arctic Char sashimi, green apple, jalapeno, chili oil paired with Ginja Shizuku “Divine Droplets” Junmai Daiginjo Sake

    Oysters Hot and Cold – Oyster topped with Ostera Caviar with a small cup of Oyster Stew with Fresh shaved summer truffles paired with Txomin Extaniz Txakoli De Guetaria 2006

    Lobster Hot and Cold – Butter poached lobster and Lobster Carpaccio paired with Gini, Soave Classico “La Frosca” 2006

    Steamed Alaskan Halibut, celery root puree, almond mile and toasted shaved marcona almonds paired with Frederick Mabileau St Nicolas “Les Rouilleres” 2005

    Sweet Breads and Brown Butter paired with Bouchard Pere & Fils, “Beaune du Chateau” 1er Cru 2005

    Japanese kobe and white tuna surf and turf with kimchi butter paired with Bouchard Pere & Fils, “Beaune du Chateau” 1er Cru 2005

    Chocolate & Corn – Warm chocolate financier, corn ice cream, molasses

  • Shane

    Many meals at Little Sichuan in Plano.

    12 course (last course was a special anniversary course from David Uygar) Tasting Menu at Lola.

    Brother’s fried chicken.

    Tumeric, Catfish and Pickled Bamboo Shoot soup and Crispy Water Spinach at Jasmine Thai #1 in Plano.

    Wingfield’s cheeseburger.

    Puerco en Adobo and Pescado tacos at Panaderia El Progresso along N. Main in Fort Worth.

    Ham and Swiss Croissant at Ravelin Bakery in Denton.

    Enmoladas and Puerco en Adobo at La Palapa Veracruzana along Jefferson Blvd in Oak Cliff.

    Mangonada at Paletas Frutitas along Jefferson Blvd in Oak Cliff.

    Seafood hotpot, bahn xeo (vietnamese filled crepe), and the crab rangoon at Nam Hua in Garland.

    SeaBass ceviche at Inca’s Cafe in Carrollton.

    Cinnamon rolls from Mrs. Gails Kitchen (Gail Wynn) in Euless. A cook in the HEB ISD but also an entrepeneur due to the help of Lucy Billingsley and The Plan Fund (a part of the Grameen Foundation).

    Pate Banh Mi and Bun Cha Ha Noi at La Me in Dallas/Garland.

    Any of Rhonda Ruckman’s desserts from the sorely missed Doughmonkey, pefereably the chocolate eclair or the Patric chocolate cake.

    Mutti’s Jager Schnitzel (mushroom cream sauce) and Kartner Rahm Schnitzel (carmelized onion cream sauce) at Jorg’s Cafe Vienna in Plano.

    Collard Greens at Dat’s Good BBQ in Lewisville.

    Aush and Kadu Buranee at Afghan Grill in N. Dallas.

    Mysore Masala Dosa at Taj Chaat House in Irving.

    Dwejigogi Soondubu at Tofu Korean Restaurant (To Dam Gol) in Carrollton.

  • take me to wingfield’s uncle nancy

  • DGirl

    Jane is my new favorite commenter. Everything I’ve ever eaten at Nonna has been extraodinary. From the steaming hot bread and salty olives that I accompany with a dry Prosecco – to the salad – my latest favorite is the grilled romaine with parm and pancetta, every pasta dish is sublime, my two favorites being the tajarin (?) with sage, proscuitto and parm and the beef cheek ravioli. The veal saltimbocca is the best ever. The desserts are divine, each and every one of them. Sigh. Love you Julian.

  • Christopher

    Best Dallas Dish:
    -2006, Hibiscus – Chili-rubbed Pork Chop, Apple & Reyes Bleu Slaw. This dish was eyes-rolling-back-in-my-head good. Hot, succulent, then sweet; must have gone during a Badovinus night.
    Close 2nds:
    -2009, Abacus – Wood-roasted Tri-tip Steak, Port Wine Sauce & Wild Mushrooms
    -2007, Arcodoro & Pomodoro – Ravioli Arcodoro
    -Anything made with Nonna tagliatelle, I’d kill to make something similar
    -2005, Tillman’s Roadhouse – Venison Frito Pie
    -2005, Tillman’s Roadhouse – Hickory-smoked Chipotle BBQ ribs with White Cheddar Mac
    -2003, Penne Pomodoro – Gnocchi al limone
    -2003, Big Al’s – Pepperoni Pizza

    Best Dallas Meal:
    2007, Arcodoro & Pomodoro – My date and I came on what we knew would be a slow night and found a slightly bored-looking Francesco Farris hanging out at the reservations desk. Something about us must have sparked his interest (I blame my beautiful date) because he sat us himself, asked us a few likes and dislikes and told us he was going to select our food for us. My date was brought a beautiful mussels in white wine sauce dish and I was served their signature seafood Ravioli Arcodoro. Out-of-this -World-Delicious. He told us stories, paired our wine for our food and gave us a complimentary set of desserts. Pretty slick.
    Close 2nds:
    – 2007, Nick & Sam’s – Another mid-week splurg, low-lights, caviar, great wine, cowboy-cut ribeye — Heaven
    – 2008, Craft – Nothing life-changing but every plate was well-seasoned and well-thought out
    – Joe T. Garcias – When it’s twilight, you’re outside, the pool light is on and you’re sitting at just the right angle to have the light dance across your date’s face — easily the most surreal, inexpensive and bizarrely romantic restaurant experiences in DFW.

  • luniz

    best meal was the kaiseki at Kenichi.

  • Surprisingly Abacus during Restaurant Week 2 years ago was unbelievable. Its what started me down the road of appreciating food. Before that I hadn’t really been exposed to 4-5 star meals (I am from a state which will not be named in the northeast). I am still learning about food but its what got me going.

    Mansion – Chefs Room. I believe this was right before Tesar left. We had a wine tasting ceviche and appetizers. Service impeccable. Dinner was amazing. Grass fed lamb and surf and turf. They really did it up and I felt like my fiance and I were a bit different than most who frequent the chefs room we were in it for the experience – the staff loved us because of it. I don’t think I laughed at dinner so much – could of been the wine and champagne.

    Charlie Palmers never ceases to amaze me. Their Wagyu Beef steak that was on the menu when they opened blew me away. Even their bar menu is tasty.

    In the past I got flack on here for liking Taverna so much… but honestly it tastes like my grandmothers risotto – I am not joking. She was a 1st generation american both parents italian who spoke little english. It could be I am being nostalgic…

    Surprisingly good food for sunday brunch: BlackFriar (no kidding) and the best bar staff in town.

    @Jane – you should write a book about your food experiences… wow.

  • Brother’s Fried Chicken (tear)

    Cake (if cake is a meal) from Jackie Spratt

    Burger + fries from Chip’s Cole avenue (tear) – most places that have good burger have awful fries

  • Brad

    I’m having fun reading everyone’s replies here, but I find it to be a funny mixed bag. I’ve eaten at many of the restaurants in the 4-5 star range, and while they’re memorable, they’re not the ones at the front of my memory.

    Most of my favorites have been shared with many friends over plenty of drinks regardless of the pedigree of the chef or the total on the check.

  • OldDallasNative

    Babe’s Chicken Dinner House Garland, TX

  • Babe’s in Roanoke
    Barbec’s breakfast (the biscuits)
    cloud cakes at Dream Cafe
    strawberry banana pie at Mama’s Daughter’s

    had a wonderful experience at Fearing’s, bachelor party dinner that lasted three hours and ended with a server proclaiming “laugh, my kittens!”

  • Simon McDonald

    Marc Cassel, being a regular at a bar I managed at the time(1997?), reserved the chef’s table at The Green Room on a Friday night with 4 hrs notice (guarantee he moved another party – this was the heyday). My parents in town from Australia, my sister and her husband from D.C., assorted aunts and uncles from around here (I think 12 of us?), and my wife were cooked the raddest five or six course meal. Wine pairings, Marc sitting with the old folks and describing every course, special courses for allergies and veggie people. All perfect. Like the birthday dinner I would have wanted to cook for mom, except five-thousand times better.

    A few years later, I had a friend that worked at York Street get a table for two for the wife and I for some celebration I forgot I was supposed to remember. I had heard the legend, then experienced it. Top notch, all around. Service, food, wine, comped apertifs and digestifs. It was at least 7 years ago and I still yearn to go back (stupid kids – ruin EVERYTHING!)

    Then, before Brian Luscher owned The Grape and just was the exec. chef, my business partners, the wife and some friends had a fantastic dinner there, much like the experience at The Green Room years earlier. Say what you want about “The Great Burger Debate” from Texas Monthly, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. He deserves all the accolades he gets. And try something besides the burger, it is The Grape after all!

  • Christopher

    Dessert isn’t my favorite part of the meals so I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch of “Also Notables”. Sorry.

    Best Dallas Dessert:
    2009, La Duni – Cuatro Leches Cupcakes
    Close 2nds:
    2007, Screen Door – Chocolate Moon Pie
    2004, Hibiscus – Butterscotch Banana Split
    2008, Fireside Pies – DMT’S Blackberry Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake

  • Enmoladas and the Huachinango a la Veracruza at La Palapa Veracruzana

    Chocolate/almond croissant at Ravelin Bakery

    Pate Banh Mi at La Me

    The saturday buffet at Taqueria El Fuego (Richardson)

    Someone already said this but I would also agree: Restaurant Week 2007 at Abacus.

    And for sweets
    Anything from Doughmonkey (RIP)

    My favorites from Natsumi: Nutella gelato, green tea frozen yogurt, or pink guava frozen yogurt.

    Lately been drinking a ton of avocado smoothies from La Me in Garland.

    And looks like I’ll have to try that strawberry banana pie next time I’m at Mama’s Daughters…

  • DJ

    Buffalo chicken sandwich at State & Allen. Best sandwich that I have ever had in my life. It’s addicting and unlike any other buffalo chicken you will ever have.

  • ChipRooski

    Matsumae Zuke Soba @ Tei-An
    Seabass @ TeiTei
    Seared Foie Gras @ Stephen Pyles
    Tasting Menu @ Bijoux
    Anything @ York Street
    Cuatro Leches @ La Duni
    I second the Pate Banh Mi @ La Me
    Can never go wrong with anything kind of meat over rice at First Chinese BBQ 🙂

  • Brad

    @DJ – Pluckers buffalo chicken sandwhich, but the old recipe. Go to Austin and get it now (the one in Old Town is sub-par).

  • Must second Bijouxs.

  • cj

    Many years ago – salt ice cream at Nana Grill.

  • Juan

    Jack in the box. 2 Tacos for $.99

  • queuno

    Al Bernait’s, 10th anniversary. More the moment than the food, although the steaks were *excellent*…

    Old South in FtW at 3am, on the eve of my daughter’s birth, after the hospital sent us home saying, “not yet”.

  • FortWorthGuy

    Nancy: Thanks for the trip down memory lane…have not thought about Youngbloods chicken in a looooong time. Yummy.

    More current: fabulous dinner at Abacus! Too bad to hear that you did not have good experiences at Kent’s newest place. Sounds like you gave it a good enough chance though.

  • Jennifer

    Anything at Trader Vic’s. Especially the drinks!

  • wordy

    Panchos and Chilaquiles-La Duni Northpark
    Ahi Tuna Nachos- Victor Tango’s
    Spicy Jalapeno-Chuy’s
    Tower of Pisa-Sushi Axiom

    Now I’m hungry.

  • tb

    The French Room – My parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. Honestly, I don’t remember what we ordered, except that it was all delicious and the wines were extraordinary. But what was most memorable was how perfect the service was. In that over-the-top decor, you might expect the staff to be at least slightly intimidating. Far from it. The entire team was professional, helpful, welcoming, gracious, unpretentious — I don’t have enough adjectives. Suffice to say, the evening was superb.

  • Jennifer

    The Theresa Plate (I think it was called) at Luna De Noche.

    The finger sandwiches and velvet chicken soup with german chocolate cake at Celebrity Bakery

    The BBQ Chicken Pizza and pretzels at Mellow Mushroom.

  • Vic

    Chicken fried steak at Rockett Cafe

  • Christopher

    Sheridan’s Frozen Custard – Caramel Pretzel Concrete is my favorite low-brow dessert/treat

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    My last meal at Veracruz in Bishop Arts Oak Cliff, early this month.

    The chicken fried steaks at the old Steak Pit on Harry Hines. (think late 70s) Gone but not forgotten. (By me or the cowboys with apres happy hour stripper dates.)

    The massive pork rib baskets and home made ONION RINGS at the old Roscoe Wyatt’s, particularly when they were on Gaston near Garland Rd. RIP.

  • KT

    Anything from the now gone Doughmonkey. 🙁

  • Twinwillow

    Guisado Puerco at Gonzalez Restaurant.

    Low country shrimp & grits at Hattie’s

    At First Chinese BBQ:
    Fresh shrimp wonton soup, Lobster and clams with ginger green onion sauce and, BBQ roast duck.

  • D

    I love Guisado Puerco and am always looking for it. Any guiso really. Where is Gonzalez Restaurant?

  • Melissa

    Asian Mint – particularly the Stir Fry Vegetables with Chicken. Service can be a bit iffy, but the food is always delicious!

  • L.B.

    J.S. Chen’s. Best dim sum EVER!

  • D

    Just looked up Gonzalez Restaurant and I have actually been there and had the Guisada Perco before. Customer took me there. That is a great place. Great tortillas too.

  • DB

    Pepe Gonzalez on Greenville at Southwestern (where the McDonalds is now) in the mid to late 70’s, upstairs, $1 Frozen Margaritas made to order, not a machine (best I’ve ever had to this day) chips and salsa with Susie the cocktail waitress – the best cw ever on this planet. I don’t think we ever ate a meal there though.

  • Chad

    Charlie Palmers over Memorial Weekend was one of the most memorable dining experiences of my life… total gluttonous overload! Foie Gras was amazing!

  • Justafoodie

    The roasted pork chop with cherrie demi-glace from the late, great Meditarraneo.

    The ancho chile-glazed pork chop from Soley! (a close second to Meditarraneo)

    The baseball cut tenderloin filet and potatoes au gratin from Pappas Steakhouse.

    The smoked chicken salad sandwich with spicy bar-b-que sauce from Peggy Sue Bar-b-Que.

    Cheese Panela and Fileta Cantinflas (and tomatillo salsa) from Javiers.

    Macadamia nut crusted Red Snapper from Tramontana.

    Triple-Roni Pizza and Arugula Salad from Fireside Pies.

    Short-Smoked Salmon Salad from Cafe Pacific.

    Lobster shooters from Abacus.

    Any pasta dish from the late, great La Tosca.

    Mac and Cheese from Hibiscus, The Porch or Neighborhood Services (a toss-up).

    Chicken Fried Steak from the dearly departed Deep Ellum Cafe.

    Chicken Fried Steak with Tomatillo Sauce from Mattitos.

    Carne Asada Chimichurri and Ladrillo from Nuevo Leon (when its “on”).

  • Justafoodie

    …And the Smoked Bob at Matt’s No Place.

  • Yow. Zah. I just got back to the office. Are we shooting for 67 today? Hell, yes. Rock it.

  • Thank YOU! For some reason, those cinnamon rolls were bouncing around in the back of my mind but I couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant. Southern Kitchen, one of the first restaurants I dined at when I moved to Dallas in 1983. It was delicious.

  • Does #67 get dinner? That’s what I’m watching out for!

  • Dinner with Nancy of course!!

  • Brad

    No telling, Natalie. Nancy made it seem like we stood her up yesterday, but methinks she stood us up and made it seem like it was our fault. Only the best of womankind have that kind of skill…

  • Katie Arm

    I just ate at Del Frisco’s for Resturtant Week and had the best steak of my life!!
    I can’t get enough of Blue Mesa’s Sweet Potatoe Chips. Avanti makes the best Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes I’ve tasted in years!!
    Two thumbs up to Campisi’s for always delivering the best pizza and cheesecake!!
    Yumi-To-Go on Lemmon Ave is a great spot for greasless Chinese take out and they deliver fast!!
    Cafe Gecko’s in Addison makes some kick ass Sour Cream and Chicken Nachos. The Queso is to die for!!

  • m

    This is so hard to narrow down. Off the top of my head…

    -Short rib at Fearing’s and Stephan Pyles
    -Mac and cheese and crab dip at Hibiscus
    -Turkey burger, tater tots, and free beer after a sweaty summer run around the lake at Fat Daddy’s in Casa Linda
    -Truffle popcorn and tableside smores at Tillmans
    -Fried chicken at Babe’s in Garland
    -Crispy tuna roll at Piranha in Arlington
    -Scallops at Abacus
    -hot’n crumbled pizza with Jimmy’s Sausage at Fireside Pies
    -Chocolate Bag at Trulucks

    Every meal I’ve ever had at Bugatti.
    RW 2009 at Fearings
    RW 2008 at Craft (beverage manager was our waiter, ended up giving us his email so he could give us tips on wines to try in Greece on our honeymoon.)

  • BigDBlonde

    -Cheeseburgers at Wingfield’s & Twisted Root
    -Tacos de Bistec at Gordo’s Tacos in Oak Cliff (with onions & cilantro!)
    -Chopped Brisket Sandwich & Onion Rings at any Sonny Bryan’s
    -Fried Shrimp & Oysters at Hook Line & Sinker
    -Calamari Salad at Dragonfly
    -Brisket Tacos at Mia’s
    -Any Steak at Nick & Sam’s
    -Beef Carpaccio at Bice

  • TLS

    -Lobster Wraps at Hibiscus
    -Asian Burger at Central Market in Plano
    -Camarones el mojo de ajo at Gloria’s in Frisco
    -Cheddar fondue with Beef Tenderloin at Jeraboam
    -Fries with blue cheese dressing at Wingstop
    -Every Feed Me/Wine Me at The Green Room
    -Tasting menu at Lola
    -Soft Shell Crab at Citrus Bistro
    -Zinsky Sandwich at Zinsky’s
    -Lobster Bisque at Central 214 (pre-Blythe)
    -Anything Danielle Custer made at Laurels

  • Steve

    Dallas could use some recreational options other than restaurants, judging from this article and the waistlines I see around here.

  • Kam

    Omakase at Yutaka
    Tasting menu by Tre Wilcox during wild mushroom season

  • TLS

    That’s hilarious Steve, given that this is a food blog. I recommend you go hang out at the “Museum Mania” board.

    And the “T” in TLS stands for tiny, as in my waistline.

  • Pedro527

    Sorry…it was in Fort Worth…the elk loin at Lanny’s Alta Cocina Mexicana…

  • DALLASChef

    Brad- I think we got the shaft too!

    *the Pheasant tagine from the opening menu at Charlie Palmer. UNFRICKIN BELIEVABLE!
    *The Roasted Cx at the Grape. Simply perfect!
    *The Fried Cx at Brothers. RIP 🙁
    *The Abueleta Ice Cream at Stephan Pyles. I could bathe in it.

    And those are a few of my favorite things.

    BTW Nancy…I’m still willing to tell the Nove story in exchange for dinner…..

  • dallasboiler

    The Green Room — I took a date there in ’99/’00 and had the best (and largest) lamb chops that I’ve had in my life. It was the special that night, as I often went back hoping for a encore performance. I also loved their mushroom appetizer, which was good upon every visit.

    Lola — I’ve never tasted one thing there that wasn’t out of this world.

    Chip’s (Cole) — It was my Saturday/Sunday morning hangover cure to head down there each week to grab a good greasy burger, fries, & Diet Coke and read the Observer. Those burgers tasted like the best thing ever on the Saturdays and Sundays for some reason.

    Liberty Noodle — Amazing Pad Thai … really miss this place too!

    York St. — My wife and I celebrated dinner there the night we got engaged, and they hit the ball out of the park with both their food and their service.

    Routh St. Brewery — I went here once for a New Year’s Eve dinner and had a fantastic elk steak paired with some amazing beers. It was a very underappreciated place.

  • CDR

    Colorado Lamb Chops @ Al Biernat’s

  • Jennifer

    Anything from Sharon Hage–“fried” okra; tuna tartare; baba ghanoush (don’t even really like eggplant); peach buckle (still dream about it and it’s been four years); kibbeh; avocado tossed with fennel, lemon juice, and sea salt (crave it daily); roasted Windy Meadows chicken; peanut butter cookie and peanut butter ice cream sammies.

    Also, Peruvian purple potato gnocchi with blue cheese sauce and spinach at Tei-An (yes, you read that correctly).

    Oh, and the Big Sexy at Tillman’s Roadhouse (not to mention that addictive complimentary popcorn) is totally worth the inevitable gastrointestinal distress. IJS.

  • George

    Margareta pizza and Tajarin at Nonna. Perfect.

  • April

    Chips and queso and fried pickles (yes, that’s a meal!) from Snuffers

    Green chile enchiladas from Chuy’s

    Blue Mesa’s Sunday brunch (the unlimited champagne helps!)

    Ol South biscuits and gravy

    Mellow Mushroom’s pretzels

  • TL

    One of my best meals was at Abacus 4 years ago. I had the buffalo tenderloin, and it was so amazing that it started my foodie quest. While these meals don’t stick out in my mind, the individual items below made me extremely happy. They are in no particular order. Don’t try these if you are on Weight Watchers:)

    1)Cinnamon Roll at Mecca
    2)Bread at Nonna
    3)Filet at Del Frisco’s in Ft. Worth
    4)Mac and cheese at Hibiscus
    5)Mashed Potatoes at Oceanaire room
    6)A bacon, manchego, apple sandwich at Charlie Palmer
    7)Sunchoke and potato soup at Charlie Palmer
    8)Spinach salad at Bolsa
    9)Cheeseburger at Mercury Room
    10)Lemon Coconut cupcake at Sprinkles
    11)Bing cherry dessert at Local
    12)Mini burrito with deluxe tomatillo sauce at Chuy’s- a staple

  • Lesli

    The beef tenderloin with blue cheese or the shrimp & grits at Hatties.
    The short ribs w/mac & cheese at Tillman’s Roadhouse.
    The yeast rolls at Bubba’s.
    The grilled salad at 2900 (RIP)
    The gyros at Stratos

  • Every bite I’ve ever eaten at Bijoux.

  • Duncan

    great list here … many of my favorites are up here already

    I’ll add my usual (steak and 5-grain salad) at Sevy’s

  • Shannon

    The best meal I have evered ate in Dallas.

    It was actually today, 08-27-09.

    I had the chicken tamales – WOW! They are so good. They will make you “slap your mama”.

    Seriously, this dish is wonderful (and not something on the set menu).

    BTW – The coconut cream pie for desert wasn’t bad. either.

  • Shannon

    Guess, it would help if I stated Where … Al Biernat’s

  • Shane

    I guess I forgot a few.

    The xioa long bao (soup dumplings) at Jeng Chi in Richardson.

    Pita and stuffed zucchini on the buffet at Afrah in Rcihardson.

    Kenafa at International Food Store in S. Arlington.

    Any meal I have had at Potager in Arlington.

    Special po boy (Roast Beef, Ham and Gravy aka Debris) at Big Easy in Plano.

    The “International” flavors at Old Town Creamery in Plano. Fig being my favorite.

    The almojabanas con azucar at El Portal in Carrollton.

    Blueberry muffin at Yummy Donuts in Dallas.

    The absolute best pastrami (DaBecca) made in Clifton, Texas available at most Central Markets.

    All of the cheeses at Stuart Veldhuizen’s – Veldhuizen Texas farmstead Cheese in Dublin.

    Fried Taco at Escondido close to Parkland. Not really up to Scott’s standard at DallasFood.org but I have been going for many years.

    The pastries at Argentina Bakery in Irving.

    The empanadas at Don Panza in Oak Cliff.

    Any meal at either South Dallas Cafe or Sweet Georgia Browns in Oak Cliff.

    Doubles and the curried oxtails at Taste of the Islands in Plano.

    House smoked salmon club at Sea Breeze in Plano.

  • Dressage Barbie

    Two years ago, we attending a launch for Nobu Matsuhisa’s new cookbook, Nobu West, at Nobu. The menu that evening was perfectly balanced and the service was the best we have encountered in Dallas. Two standouts from the evening were the seared salmon tataki and paper thin salad with a jalepeno dressing and the duck breast with orange miso. While we have had many great meals here in Dallas, this was one of those evenings were everything came together beautifully.

  • Justafoodie

    Eden on West Lovers Lane : Best homemade, ALL FROM SCRATCH meatloaf and mashed potatoes (made there from whole potatoes) that I have ever eaten anywhere! Also the BEST QUICHE and Cobblers in the world.

  • Justafoodie

    What Was The Best Food You Have Ever Had In Dallas? Eden on West Lovers Lane : The BEST all from scratch meatloaf and mashed potatoes (definately from whole cooked poataoes) anywhere in DFW at any price!! Eden also has the BEST QUICHE and Fresh Fruit COBBLERS anywhere in the world; they are just “to die” for!

  • Jodydem

    It’s many years since we’ve lived in Dallas , but the French fried mushrooms and burgers at Snuffer’s remain in memory.

    2 of the best restaurants are no longer on the scene, I fear. La Tosca on Inwood rd was always special.

    Any of Guy Callauad’s places were always great. We followed him from the little place in the shopping center, to the small house and then to his 2 purpose built reataurants. Dallas lost a lot when those 2 moved.