Shannon Wynne Will Open New Restaurant In Dallas: The Moth

Veteran Dallas restaurateur Shannon Wynne has signed a lease on the “old Ann Sachs tile space” in the Design District (High Line & Oak Lawn) and will open a restaurant/bar called The Moth. Veteran is a nice way to describe Mr. Wynne, in reality he is a crafty, no-bs geezer. Ask him a question and he gives you a straight answer.

Here is a transcript of our phone conversation.
NN: What is the concept for The Moth?
SW: Huh? I hate that word. I am not calling it a gastropub which has been done to death but never really even done right. It is [Moth] a bar with better food. It will be chef-driven and will open March 1, 2010. The food will be easy and honest. We are interviewing chefs right now. We will deal with local stuff but let me tell you, if it is no good we won’t use it. So there.

NN: Oh, a BBF?
SW: Yes. And let me tell you—we not doing sliders, mac and cheese, flatbreads, or anything with aioli on it. If I see the word aioli again, I will shoot myself. I’m am sick of it all. We may have a wood-burning oven but if we do a pizza it will not be a flatbread it will be a $%^&*@ pizza and it will be a small part of what we do.

NN: Your other restaurants, Flying Saucer and Flying Fish, seem to have a common denominator. Did you call it The Moth because it flies?
SW: I have no idea why I am calling it The Moth. I like it. I like the way it sounds. That is as deep as I am. There is no visual or spiritual element or significance.

NN: Describe the menu.
SW: Well, it will be predominately small plates. At lunch there will a strong ladies element with a nice menu of healthy selections. At night it will turn into more a guy’s place. The beer element is 50% of the drink component but we will also have more wine and liquor than the Flying Saucer.  We will also have a great outdoor patio.

NN: What else?
SW: Well the developer is putting in three other restaurants in the development.

NN: What is the development called?
SW: *#%@, I can’t remember. Something like LOL for Lower Oak Lawn.

NN: Hmm. That is an unfortunate acronym. They should call it LoOla so that people won’t be laughing out loud.
SW: Hmm. You should write that.

If you have a question for Mr. Wynne or would like to apply for a job. Leave a comment.


  • That part of town is really coming together. Glad to see some restaurants going in soon.

    I would drive through if you have a chance.

  • Robin

    I am officially $%^& in love with a geezer.

  • JonnyDallas


    Best Buds Forever
    Best Best Friend
    Beer Buddies Forever
    Belly Button Fluff
    Baptized By Fire
    Bread Box Frivolity
    Behavioral Brain Function
    Braised Beef Feet
    Big Boy Foods

    What does BBF stand for? It made that particular question and answer a little difficult to understand. And the internet couldn’t tell me either…Beer, Booze and Food?

  • Kersten

    I love Shannon – always have since our girls were itty bitty playing soccer. (Hi Shannon!) I’ll be a light attracted to a Moth. Or is it a Moth attracted to a light? Anyway, I’ll be there.

  • @JohnnDallas
    BBF: Bar with Better Food

  • Lori

    Give me the 80’s and let it be called Motho.

  • Ange C.

    So excited to see restaurants coming in that area…this area has a great, new vibe. Looking forward to it. Esp the daily ‘healthy women’s lunch fare.’ Dallas needs more of this!

  • Congrats Shannon! We’re a 9 year old Dallas Based Mechanical Contractor offering design/ build services. Please check out our website @ Ask Chef Dean Fearing for a referral! 😉

  • I don’t think I have read an article by a more creative funny writer than Nancy Nichols in a long time. She should be writing a column nationally along with a book, screenplay, etc. I would back her if I have the doe……she makes me laugh even when I am in the height of a really good depression day….thanks NN for making me smile. I love you!

  • JonnyDallas

    @Evahnn Grant
    Thanks, that makes more sense. I didn’t quite catch the initial mention because I was too excited about a restaurateur saying he hates the word concept in regard to restaurants. That’s %&*@^#! awesome.

    Also, I wouldn’t have had fun making up BBF’s.

    Also, I try to only read what Nancy writes, and skip the rest. Its better that way.

  • Kersten

    I meant Moth to a flame, flame to a Moth .. . no more multi-thinking for me.

  • City Girl

    Excited about The Moth and I agree with the other posters about Nancy. Never a dull moment over here! Cheers!

  • Scott K. Gordon

    Lori- Yes, the 1980’s were “Bella” cubed… but, let’s call Shannon’s next new place “Moth.0”
    Tango-On, Mr. Wynne.

  • Adamundo

    Nancy, do you know who the developer is?

  • Of the restaurant? Or of the area?

  • Brandy

    @Adamundo- Pegasus Ablon

  • Michael


    Thanks for the update on the new Design District’s future. I would like to know more information about any career opportunities at the new restaurant and where and how to contact Shannon Wynne. I drive through the design district for AAC events and seen the area’s transformation. Can’t wait to see whats next.

  • SMorgan

    Can’t wait for the Moth to open. Soon is not soon enough for me. Hope to be there opening night. Love ya Keith and Lauren! Hope it is a big success. Steph

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