New Restaurant in Dallas: Mario & Sabino’s

Mario Alfaro has repainted Casa Blanca.
Mario Alfaro has repainted the old Casa Blanca.

The old Casa Blanca on Lemmon Avenue is turning into the new Mario & Sabino’s a “Mexican and Salvadoran food restaurant. Mario is Mario Alfaro (left) and his business partner is Sabino Valle. Mario hopes to open next week. Hmm. I just stuck my head in the door and if they make it by next week, I want to hire the contractors.

Mario & Sabino's, a new Mexican Salvadorian food restaurant on Lemmon Ave.
Mario & Sabino’s, a new Mexican Salvadoran food restaurant on Lemmon Ave.


  • Darren

    I believe Mario was a manager at the Gloria’s down the street.

  • Kelly

    I wish them the best, but that location…speaking of, what’s the skinny on the new place going in at that thriving corner of the Crescent building? Looks like they’ve been working on something there for a while now.

  • Kirk

    There is no “i” in “Salvadoran.”

    Or “team.”

    Or so they say.

  • Thanks, Krk!

  • TG
  • JA

    Best of luck to Mario and Sabino. I hope they finish the construction soon. I can’t wait for them to open the restaurant to taste their pupusas!!

  • Richard

    I can’t wait for the fried chicharon & yuca smothered in garlic butter with a meltdown margarita.

  • Jay

    This will be awesome. I know Mario and the team from another restataunt and great things are coming—great food and margaritas with reasonable pricing. Since some of other restaraunts are increasing prices with questionable quality of food, this will be a welcome change for the area.

  • food lover

    The best chicharron,authentic charro beans,brisquet enchiladas with spicy serrano cream sauce,i just love it.

  • Dan and Chris

    Yes, Mario was a manager at Gloria’s, and a long time waiter there before that. One of the most accomodating and pleasant guys in town. Can’t wait for his better versions of the specialties from Gloria’s. Lets hope he keeps their Marguerita recipe though… of the best in town.

  • Dan and Chris

    Actually, SALVADORIAN and SALVADORAN are both correct spellings.

  • Amy

    This place has great local appeal. Mario, Sabino and staff are especially hospitable. The leaf-wrapped tamals are a delicious take on the traditional Mexican variety, and the flavorful tortilla soup is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. And from what I hear, I don’t think I could pass up the Grand Marnier margarita…if only I drank.

  • Brita

    I absolutely love Mario and his restaurant. We are addicted and have to go at least 3 x a week. Mario is a sweetheart, he and his staff make us feel so welcome and the food is fantastic and the drinks are what makes this place a regular for us, they are great, strong and reasonably priced which is hard to find now in Dallas. Love all the food, I try something different everytime and have never been disappointed. Way to go Mario, you have me hooked. I haven’t been to Gloria’s since you have opened and I most likely won’t again.

  • Fabulous food, friendly people. Mario is terrific. This is becoming our fav restaurant and we will eat there often. Go. You’ll enjoy! And the prices are low.