• Sean

    Went to Stephen Pyles last night. First and second courses (I had the special second course) were fantastic. Don’t skimp on the special second course. It is a snapper tamale and really quite wonderful. Spend the $5.

    Entree was just dreadful – had the Beef Cheek. Smothered and overcooked in a generic tasting BBQ sauce, and left my partner and I with stomach issues all night (and this morning!).

    Not kidding.

    I have been to SP many many times (as a non-RW customer) and this was not their best effort.

    Oh – dessert. The Mexican Chocolate was fantastic. STAY AWAY from the odd-tasting goat cheesecake.

    Also did the wine-pairing which was nice. But they kept bringing the new wine out before I finished the old one. I didn’t feel “rushed” really – – but had three glasses of wine sitting on the table.

  • Ben

    Had dinner at Abacus. Appetizers were very nice (better than anything I have had there outside of RW). Salmon entree was nice, sole entree overcooked and the asian style broth overpowered the dish.

    Intermezzo White Sangria Icee was a nice gesture, but it seemed like it was half melted (both in texture and taste) – granted, we were eating at a late shift, but still…

    Dessert was a shared sampler that was mediocre (surprised, because on previous visits dessert had been the highlight).

  • Pappas Brothers. Started with silken, luscious lobster bisque. Caesar salad with Parmigiano-Reggiano stips atop. Prime dry-aged New York strip rare. Decadent chocolate peanut butter cake with chocolate ganache and peanut brittle chunks. Paired very well with affordable wines. All this, plus we were not shunted off to some odd hours nor were we made to feel like second-class citizens just because we were Restaurant Week participants. In short, one of the best meals I’ve had all year from a place that is already universally recognized as one of the best steakhouses in Dallas.

  • Victoria

    Went to 560 last night – despite the late dinner reservation the meal & service were good. Among the 4 of us it was agreed that the pork belly dumplings was the best app. The calamari was a close second and the other 2 had the lobster spring roll – nice but not great. The quail entree was tasty, the salmon was a rather small portion. The seafood stew was ok – not all that exciting. We did not have the chocolate dessert and we are thinking that may have been the way to go as the other 2 were not that inspiring. The wines paired for an additional $35 did match well with what we had.

  • Marcus

    Ben and I probably sat next to each other, our reservation was at 8:45 last night @ Abacus. Our table of 4 had the 4th course coupons from Central Market and started off with the Lobster shooters, which were just as expected and satisfying to say the least. Maybe some day they will change that. Our small plates included the potstickers, scallop, corn soup, and the caesar. All of the small plates were impressive, including the caesar for the picky eater in our group. The potstickers stole the show however.

    Our entrees were the red fish, the salmon, tri-tip steak, and the short ribs (not listed online). My red fish was outstanding as was the salmon. The goat cheese polenta with the tri-tip was spectacular as well. The steak and short ribs were both cooked perfectly and were very good.

    Our table enjoyed the desserts, I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but the key lime cheese cake and banana rum cake were both pretty good.

    The wine selections were not overly impressive, but that’s to be expected at the price point. Service was good, but you could tell these folks are going to be pretty wiped out at the end of the week.

    This is our 3rd restaurant week trip to Abacus, each time has exceeded expectations.

  • Ben

    I didn’t think the desserts were bad, just mediocre – maybe a half step above grocery store case desserts. I think Marcus definitely identified the two best ones to my taste.

  • G

    Also went to Stephan Pyles and had a better experience. I actually disliked the snapper course – the coconut rice was watery, the tamale was bland and the relish was too spicy. Loved everything else, especially the heirloom tomato salad. My boyfriend really enjoyed the beef cheek, possible that ours came out better than some other tables’. Mexican fondant was great. The cheesecake was definitely different – it has a strong goat cheese taste and isn’t too sweet, but I liked it. Service was good, except for our waitress pushing the wine pairings a bit too aggressively. Worth a visit.

  • B

    We also went to 560 last night and it was fantastic. Brandy was our server and made sure everything was taken care of perfectly. We loved the pork belly dumplings. The chicken salad was also very good. For entrees we had the quail and the seafood curry. The quail was very good, but we loved the seafood curry. The wine pairings were also wonderful. I agree that the chocolate dessert might have been better because the other two were underwhelming. Can’t wait to go back again, we’re even bigger 560 fans now!

  • Carrie

    Tried Planet Burrito in Southlake last night. Very good food and the service was great. The atmosphere was different from other places and the happy hour prices…well what can I say to $1 Margaritas and Drafts.

  • DD

    We also went to 560. Our waiter was very friendly and we had no attitude about our RW reservation. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many options to order from 5-6 per course. We ordered the pork dumplings and calamari–both were delicious, but I’d recommend the dumplings. We both had the seafood curry and it was good–not great. We ordered the chocolate angel food cake for dessert after reading the previous reviews and we were disappointed. I love dessert and didn’t even bother to finish this. Overall, I’m satisfied with the evening for what I paid.

  • MAK

    We went to Nick & Sam’s Friday evening. Food was fabulous, service was amazing and the ambiance could not be beat. Yes it was a little dark, but waiters had flashlights and it was all very romantic. I had the tuna salad, salmon and lemon souffle for dessert. It was all perfect. My husband had the filet mignon that was spectacular. It’s definitely worth trying.

  • basil

    I went to Charlie Palmer on Sunday, last day of the restaurant week, for them. I was seated promptly by the jovial maitre d’. I was approached immediately by the server who was very proficient and friendly in her demaeanor. The salad ws delicious and the agnolotti were heavenly. The main course came
    the salmon was succulent and perfectly cooked, and the amberjack was a delicious little dish with a lot of flavour. The desserts were good, but not as good as te previous two courses. The wine pairings were very affordable and spot on. Overall, it was a delightful experience, probably would rate it top three of restaurant week 2009.