KRLD Restaurant Week In Dallas: SideDish Coverage

readerreviews_krld20091Yesterday’s post about KRLD Restaurant Week stirred up some interesting conversation in the comments section. Great stuff. Whether you love it or hate it, KRLD Restaurant Week is a rapidly approaching reality and SideDish would like to hear all about your experiences. Each morning we will post this icon. Click on the comments button and post your dining reports. We will start next Monday.


  • Restaurant Operator

    We should open all business’ to real time blogging as we do this industry. How many of your soon to be overly critical bloggers would be revealed as disingenous, unengaged, technically deficient employees.

  • Droopydave

    @RO… Last I heard, all business’ ARE open to “real time blogging”. Welcome to 2009…

  • Danielle

    We just had dinner at Stephan Pyles, it was VERY good. Decent sized portions, extremely friendly and efficient service. Deffinitely reccomend it to anyone 🙂 I had the Tomato Salad to start…and it was by far the best of the four options that we had at my table.

  • chef2boot

    Went to Kenichi’s and had four courses….all were light and fresh, but the best was the suchi main course….incredible new flavors. Great service!