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  • Sandy

    I, along with two companions visited Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen on the first day of Restaurant Week. Although our service was a bit slow, it didn’t seem to matter that much because we were enamored by the food. We started with the blue crab gratin appetizer. Not a generous portion, the richness of this dish made of for it. It was thick and creamy and full of crab. My only suggestion would be to use a softer crumb topping as the crunch of the(panko?)topping almost overpowered the delicate crab.
    I ordered the beef rib pot roast for my entree and was blown away by the tenderness of the two, nice sized chunks of beef in a rich pot roast gravy with various little vegetables. My picky companion was quite pleased with the DP Mopped bbq chicken. The sauce was not at all “typical” bbq sauce and she was so into it that I was lucky to get just a little taste. The last entree at our table was the wood grilled salmon. Again, two nice sized pieces of salmon that were perfectly cooked. Big, beautiful, ripe slices of heirloom tomatoes with avacado green goddess dressing completed the dish. Another happy camper. We ended our meal by ordering the three desserts on the RW menu. All were amazing. For chocolate lovers, the S’morelicious will bring you to your knees. A thick rectangle of chocolate something, think of it as two inches away from being fudge, with a neat little rectangle of marshmallow on top of it. The summer berry shortcake was loaded with all kinds of berries that were fresh and perky, as if just picked. The strawberries were ripe, sweet, yet firm, making us wonder “How’d they do that?” And Maw Maw’s Buttermilk Pie…wow! Finally a buttermilk pie that isn’t cloyingly sweet. The filling was rich and wonderful and topped with a raspberry jam that tasted as if they mashed fresh raspberries just seconds before serving this dessert. Amazing! Overall, I would heartily recomment that everyone take advantage of restaurant week to check out Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen.

  • Kellyn

    Central 214 kicked off our week o’ Restaurant Week shenanigans.

    Started off with the fried green tomato with crawfish remoulade. Killer. The cilantro microgreens were an unexpected surprise that made the dish.

    Main course, pan seared strip loin. The steak was tough but well seasoned. Arugula was a causality of the seasoning, however. It was like eating salt with some green stuff thrown in for good measure. My friend got the BBQ shrimp with cream corn that ended up being the hit of the table for the second course.

    For dessert, the fried peach pie was lovely – a light crust that wasn’t too greasy with fresh peaches in the middle. The bourbon milkshake that came with the chocolate chip cookies was pungent to say the least. Service was slow but given the circumstances, slow service was understandable.

    Though the food was above average, the production of Blythe’s reality TV show was a complete buzz kill. Production crews were everywhere and spoiled the atmosphere with their bulky cameras, annoying boom mics and superficial interviewing skills. I was disappointed that Blythe only talked to the tables that made it on camera. It would have been nice if she talked to the other folks in the restaurant seeing as it is a relativity small space. Probably would go back again but I’ll call ahead to make sure I can avoid my 15 minutes of fame.

    PS – I miss Tom Fleming.

  • We visited Stephan Pyles last night. In short, we ADORED everything that we had… except for our entrees, which were really abysmal.

    First course: pork belly with scallop, excellent; heirloom tomato salad, unbelievably delicious (really, if you mess up tomatoes at this time of year, I’ll never go back to your restaurant).

    Special second course: snapper. Out of this world amazing. Wanted to dive into the plate and stay a while. Want more today. YUM.

    Entrees: salmon and chicken, just not good at all. The chicken was nicely flavored, once you got it out of the sweet and strange sauce. Vegetables so so. I’ve had better salmon at conferences, I’m ashamed to admit. The plate didn’t come together at all, and the fish wasn’t seasoned or well-cooked. And I love SP, so I hated to see it happen, but it’s true.

    Dessert: Loved! The Mexican chocolate was ridiculous, and the berry goodness was as tasty as it was beautiful.

    On a wine note, the pairings were much better and much more reasonably priced than the Abacus pairings.

    Since we’re talking drinks: I tried their passion chile margarita before dinner, just named one of Dallas’ Best Cocktails, and I couldn’t even finish it. Just not my style at all, but it should seriously come with a sugar warning on it. I wanted heat!

  • foodgirl

    Dinner at Bijoux last weekend and it was fantastic. No attitude because we had the restaurant week menu–gracious and amazing service. Our group tried a number of different things for the various courses and everything was delicious. We also had the CM 4th course, which was one of our favorite courses. I’ve been craving the chocolate dessert too ever since we were there. Probably my best restaurant week experience over the past several years.

  • rascalndallas

    Had dinner at Hector’s on Henderson last night… great experience in all aspects. The service was prompt and attentive and not overbearing. Hector walked to every table and shook every diner’s hand as he introduced himself. It really felt like he and his staff have decided to embrace restaurant week and present the best experience for the heightened volume of diners… the main room was packed. Also, I love the ambiance there, dark, but not too dark and the jazz piano in the background was at a nice level for conversation to still be heard.

    For our small plates, my date and I tried the tiger shrimp on anson mills grits and “the avocado”… both recommended by our knowledgable and polite server, Michael. The Avocado was amazing… two halves of deep fried deliciousness!

    For our big plates we tried the chicken fried chicken breast and the pan seared sea bass. Again, both were excellent, but I liked how light the sea bass came out. The mashed potatoes with the chicken was really good as well.

    Finally, we ended with the Tiramisu and the triple chocolate chip brownie. AND having kind of a sweet tooth, my date took home a white chocolate banana moon pie. Amazing.

    We did do the wine pairing with the meal and everything complemented the food nicely… generous pours may have had something to do with that.

    All in all, a great experience and we will definitely be going back in the future. We were the last ones out and never felt rushed. Hector again thanked us personally, by name, and handed me two $10 gift certificates for a future visit. Great night.

  • CBS

    stumbled into Dragon Fly last night…forgot it was RW. BTW, we tried Capitol Grille, but it was packed. DF is only doing a RW menu this week. $35 for 3 courses.

    I started with mussels that were a little over done but very tasty, which a great buttery, shiner beer broth.

    I also had the ribeye. This was actually pretty dissappointing. Mine was overly marbled, with large pockets of fat. I was very underwhelmed.

    Dessert- I had the cheese plate- very pedestrian but went well with more wine.

    DF- I continue to be more impressed with the wine at DF than the food. And as always the atmoshpere was easy on the eyes.

    Good deal for $35 but should have gone with the tenderloin.