Can Somebody Help This Poor Girl: 40th Birthday in North Dallas Edition

fortyDishers, let’s help her. I mean, it’s 4:20 and everyone has quit working for the day already, so why not put on your thinking cap? Read on:

I am starting to research places to have my 40th birthday party.  Will you give me some suggestions of places where we can eat, probably buffet style and dance, either a DJ or live music.  I’m inviting around 50 people and expect 30-40 to come, probably.   A reasonable price is preferred.  I live near Addison and most of my friends live in the Plano/Frisco area, so North is best for location.  One suggestion was Sambuca in Addison, but I’m afraid it may be too expensive.  Another place is maybe a restaurant on Lake Ray Hubbard.


  • Melissa

    Sullivan’s has live music and dancing, and private rooms for dining.

  • Glenn Campbell

    Dont throw yourself a birthday party. Rely on friends or family to do it for you.

  • Pat

    Sambuca in Addison is closed. They are opening 1 in the Shops at Legacy.

  • clairebear

    The upstairs bar at the Magic Time Machine in Addison is kitschy fun. They have a stage/dance floor and DJ booth, and would probably bring in a band. They also often have a psychic.

  • Ann

    I’m not throwing the party. Just helping with some location research. Thanks for the concern, though.

  • The Annex at Times Ten Cellars is very cool…it’s in Lakewood, so it would be an adventure trip for your friends. You can bring in any caterer you want for food so you can control cost. You buy their wine, but you can bring your own “other stuff”. They’ve had bands in there before too. . I’m starting to work on planning my wife’s 40th too…

  • Idunno

    Sambuca Addison is closed for normal business but is still available for special functions.

  • Jeffrey Yarbrough bigink

    BlackFinn in Addison has a private room.

  • KellyK

    Carolines has a private room I think and they have a DJ booth and dancing.
    BlackFinn is great for some crazy people watching but I am 32 and was nearly driven over the edge…
    I would also check into Sullivan’s which you would think would be crazy expensive but it pretty reasonable.

  • Katie

    loft610 in plano has a loft area for parties and a dj.

  • Sheila

    As Melissa mentioned, Sullivan’s has live music in both of their bars. They have bands in the Ringside bar on Thursday and Saturdays. Plus, I think they do buffet parties in ringside before the bands start. Would be a good option. Plus they have a killer happy hour – $5 martinis on Thursday nights!