2009 Texas Sommelier Conference: Texas’ Best Sommelier

juneAs I mentioned earlier, while the 2009 Texas Sommelier Conference was taking place at the Four Seasons Resort & Club in Las Colinas, there were 21 Texas sommeliers competing for Texas’ Best Sommelier. Last night at the Grand Tasting, the winners were announced. June-Ann Rodil of Uchi in Austin won. Anibal Calcagno (Brenner’s Steakhouse in Houston) took 2nd, and John Honefenger (Tony’s in Houston) took third.

(James Tidwell, Devon Broglie, Craig Collins, June-Anne Rodil, Guy Stout, Drew Hendricks)

UPDATE: Photos from last night.


  • Mark

    The Grand Tasting was terrific. The wines were fantastic. The food was wonderful as well. Some of the wines were from wineries with very small production, making it quite a pleasure tasting their wines with an owner/producer. I am grateful the Association allowing non-industry people such as myself to participate both in the Sunday tastings and the Grand tasting. See you next year!!!