• m

    Stephan Pyles.

    I was worried it may pale in comparison to last year since this menu was slightly less exciting and I’d been hearing less than stellar things about their entrees. But, silly me for doubting what is one of the best restaurants in the city. Started with the pork belly and scallop, which was excellent. The scallop was perfectly cooked. I tasted my husband’s tomato salad with fried avocado, which was fantastic. The extra CM coupon course was my favorite of the night. I’m amazed people are complaining about it but I suppose Indian flavors are not for everyone. As for me, I’m still craving more of this dish this morning. Entree was the salmon, which was boring by itself but was helped tremendously by the avocado salsa. But really, the reason to order this dish is the griddle corn cake and black beans. Ten more corn cakes on that dish would have made me a really happy girl. Dessert was the mexican chocolate, which was rich and perfectly complimented by the salty caramel. I also tasted a friend’s goat cheesecake, which was so much better than people are reporting. It tasted like a really light, less rich cheesecake.

    We also did the wine pairings, which were excellent, though I feel like I need a stronger adjective. The service was spectacular, as well.

  • gm

    Going there tonight really because of good press from wine pairing. You’ve just made my morning w/ your food review!

  • Brian

    The Grape is just a continuing disappointment.

    Also, since when did a plate of frisee (curly endive) equate to an “endive salad?”

  • hungry

    Ate from the vending machine at work yesterday. Went in with fairly low expectations as my previous visit left a lot to be desired. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the expiration date on the powdered donuts I ordered still had three good days left. The contrast of dry, brittle crumbs on the outside with the thick, moist center was curiously satisfying. Not so great was the Diet Coke I chose to pair with the donuts. The mixture of carbonation and dough left me feeling bloated and more gassy than content. Not to mention the service, which definitely had its faults. The corkscrew arm dangled the donut entree in front of me teasingly for what seemed like an eternity before sending my meal crashing to the metal basin below. Overall, it was a better experience than yesterday but I have a feeling I won’t be returning to this particular establishment for at least a week.

  • Old Man


    Outstanding review! Looking forward to a concession stand review soon.

  • Jane

    @Hungry- You are precious.

  • m: Excellent review of Stephan Pyles. Really can’t add a thing.

    Which brings up another thought. People worry about restaurants turning over the tables too quickly during RW. Here’s an idea: Try going on a weeknite. We went to Pappas Bros & Stephan Pyles on Mon nites and both visits were outstanding.