• Nette

    JASPER’S – We could not have been happier with our choice to do Jasper’s for RW this year. I’ve always been a bit worried when I can’t find out from other RW patrons as to the menu/service, etc. from a restaurant during RW (compared to their usual quality/service/etc.) We were blown away. First of all, the server we had was absolutely amazing. He made recommendations that were perfectly-suited for our group. We had some allergies at the table and he triple-checked several of the items to ensure that everything was perfect for us. The fourth course was a little disappointing. The Maytag potato chips were delicious, but although we had multiple fourth course certificates, we only got one small portion to share among four people. That was the only disappointment of the evening.

    Several of us had the shrimp and grits. And my husband described them as “heaven on a plate.” The soup of the day — tomato basil — had a slight vinegary slant to it. Not the best I’ve had, but certainly not the worst. I think in retrospect, I would have fared better with one of the salads.

    One of our party had the Angus filet. The rest of us had the salmon, the pork tenderloin and the ribs. All were absolutely perfectly prepared and the side dishes were perfectly matched. Our server allowed one substitution for an allergy issue.

    Desserts? Wow. The Butterfinger Creme Brulee sounded too good to be true. It wasn’t. It was one of the best desserts I’ve ever consumed (and I’m a dessert person, so that’s saying something!). It was not overly dense or sugary, as some tend to lean their brulees, but the lightest, most delicate custard-like brulee I could have imagined. The homemade peanut butter chunk on top was the perfect compliment. I tasted the cherry limeade pie – amazing – and the chocolate cake with white and dark chocolate ganache – too rich for me, but delicious!

    We also shared a bottle of wine. Everything about this experience was wonderful. I’ve had a hard time convincing my husband to try Jasper’s — it’s a little outside of something he thought he might like (he’s a sushi/seafood kind of person who prefers Asian cuisine most of the time when dining out) but he is ready to go back!

  • Katy

    The Vault in FtW – Ugh. Where do I start? Each course was plate roulette. Three times out of three, the plates were delivered to the wrong diner and had to be changed. I asked for assistance for a wine choice as our table was having duck, lamb and lobster. The wine steward said that the $80 French reds would be my best choice and stood there expectantly while I was waiting to hear more as to *why*? The food was overly pedestrian, needed basic salt and pepper on almost every dish, and the tuna appetizer was not listed as a supplemental, however I found a $14 upcharge for it on the bill. Oh, and on the bill was the ‘management required service charge’ for restaurant week. It was a pity that the bill was delivered without a pen, either, so I couldn’t sign it. After eight to ten minutes, a service person finally appeared and I requested a pen. With this location and otherwise good reviews, I was so horribly disappointed. They did NOT win a new costomer in me!

  • Katy

    Ruth’s Chris in FtW — What great service! Apparently this location double teams every table, or they are doing so for RW. There is also a special RW wine list that has a variety of wines and prices. Just prior to it is the suggested types of wines for their main courses. Brilliant. The manager glided thru the restaurant at least twice while we were dining, and asked how we were enjoying RW and reminded us that they are extending through September 5 so we should come back. A personal invitation. Imagine that? How nice for someone to ASK for my return business in such a polite and professional manner. And you know what? Two friends that thought they had ‘missed out’ on good reservations for RW? We are headed back there next week.

  • Diner-mite

    Now I understand that an eatery makes certain sacrifices to participate in Restaurant Week; however, the upside is the contribution to charity, as well as good will amongst a possible new audience of diners. One would think a) each restaurant would “play by the rules”, and b) each restaurant would put its best foot forward.

    Sadly, neither was the case at our recent visit to Aurora. Almost immediately upon being seated, the champagne cart was rolled up in the face of my “almost” legal daughters, stating how they loved to “welcome” diners with champagne..which, BTW, was being offered at a special Restaurant Week price of $15/glass…Presto, our $35/person dinner was increased by $60.

    Next up was our (one of several) servers brushing away the Restaurant Week menu, blatantly upselling the “slightly reduced price” regular menu. After brushing him away, I counseled my girls to stick with the program.

    The Restaurant Week menu consisted of an appetizer, salad, and entree. Two alternatives for the salad were offered at an $8 charge, which, of course, 2 girls had to have, because “yuck, there are beets” on the salad…turns out the $16 was worthwhile, as the salad was non-descript and tasteless. Only two entree options were offered…chicken and salmon…both quite good, but quite meagre portions of the least expensive proteins available. Dessert, of course, was an additional $12 charge each.

    At the end of the meal, our planned $140 expenditure for a party of four, was $254; and to add insult to injury, a 20% gratuity was added to bring the grand total to $324.02.

    Needless to say, I will never again cross the threshold of this pompous little diner.