• Jennifer Wilson

    Went to Capital Grille on Saturday night. It was fantastic. We started with the lobster cakes (bonus) and then onto the main course, filets for my friends, salmon for myself. The filets were delish, but the sauce on the salmon was a little strong. For side dishes we had cream corn, mashed potatoes and we ordered an extra dish of lobster mac and cheese. The lobster mac was the favorite dish among everyone – I highly recommend ordering. Both desserts – chocolate cake and creme brulee were great. Overall, we all agreed it was one of the best restaurant week experiences we’ve had.

  • Amy B

    Went to Abacus Saturday. We are long-time fans of Abacus, but have not been back since Tre left & since the re-model. The bar looks beautiful, and the leather couches are soft & comfortable. We were seated quickly, and host & bartenders were all very friendly, making sure we had drinks.

    Our waitor was very helpful during the process. We had our 4th course CM coupons ready for our lobster shooters- always have loved these, don’t believe they are overrated. We loved the beef shitake dumplings & rock shrimp appetizers. I had the red fish w/ tomato butter sauce w/ celery/parsnip puree- it was absolutely delicious. I really loved it, everything went together nicely. The fished was cooked perfectly! My husband loved his tri-tip steak w/ goat cheese polenta cake & mushroom port reduction. Dessert sampler was fun too. Abacus is one of the top 3 restaurants in Dallas (and our personal favorite). Loved it. Only complaint- didn’t care for the wine pairings, but we aren’t big sparkling wine or port/dessert fans, so it just wasn’t our taste. However, we didn’t think the pairings were bad.

  • Katie

    Blue Plate was awesome on Friday night. Had a larger party but our server was extremely kind and made some wonderful suggestions from the menu.

    The Fourth Course that we’d worked so hard to earn was a starter of cheesy bread – a piece of flatbread the size of my hand covered with a mixture of ricotta and other cheeses. We had two for the table and each person got one biteful. Didn’t matter much though – We snacked on their bread basket FULL of wonderful carrot bread and spicy (corn?) cakes?

    For starters, we tried the fried green tomatoes, the butter wedge with that famous Paula’s cottage cheese, the fried Quail among others – all were very good and all were shared!

    Dinner portions were great as well – chicken with the cottage cheese and avocado, pecan crusted trout, pot roast – with wonderful sides like black-eyed peas with bacon, grits, and smashed potatoes.

    We ALMOST didn’t have room for dessert but we managed to try all three and loved them! One person received the wrong dessert but the server was kind enough to leave it AND bring out the correct dessert. The buttermilk pie was smooth and creamy, perfect with the raspberry sauce.

    Overall, it was a wonderful experience with great service! The RW menu was pretty extensive – showing off a broad range of items. We will go back soon!

  • TK

    Went to Capital Grille last night (Sunday) – fantastic service, upgraded to the Oscar for the steak – it was amazing, perfect crab, great sides, everything was very nice. Didn’t act like they were bothered with RW, which is nice.

  • m

    Went to Fearing’s last night and was pretty much blown away. The service was flawless: we couldn’t get over how many employees were buzzing around the dining room all night.

    Started with an amuse-bouche of sweet corn vichysoisse which was creamy and wonderful and definitely sent the message that you were about to have a very special night.

    The bread basket was excellent, especially the bacon and jalapeno cornbread muffins. They even offered to bring seconds after we emptied the basket in record time.

    First course was the tortilla soup or the ceasar salad. I went with the soup, which was unique in that the broth is thick and red, unlike most other versions. There was a real depth of flavor, which I appreciated. Each spoonful was different, so it was definitely interesting. But after trying my friend’s salad, I wished I had ordered that. I’m quite bored with ceasar salad, but this was light years better than others I’ve had. The dressing was super smoky and had a wonderful mix of sweet and spicy. Amazing.

    Entree was the Chili Braised Short Ribs with Queso Fresco Corn Whipped Potatoes
    and Crispy Tobacco Onions. The portions were extremely generous, the short rib was as tender as could be, and the flavors were perfect. The onions added a nice contrasting texture.

    Dessert was a duo of chocolate mousse (different from tart noted on menu) and vanilla pound cake with strawberry compote. The pound cake fell on the boring (and somewhat dry) side, but the mousse was really enjoyable. Dessert was small, but I was so stuffed by that point that I didn’t mind. It was the birthday of someone in our group and they were nice enough to present her with a piece of chocolate cake which was easily the highlight of dessert. Yum!

    From the food to the atmosphere to the incredible service, Fearings definitely won the four of us over last night. We will all happily return for a non-RW meal.

  • Carla

    We went to Nana on Friday night.
    In contrast to the previous reviewer of Nana, we had a good experience. However, we did not do wine pairings, so it’s possible the service is lacking in the wine service specifically.
    For appetizers my husband had the mozzerella tomato appetizer and I had the vichyssoise. His was fairly average, my soup was GREAT. I fought the urge and didn’t lick the bowl; this was my favorite dish of the evening. For dinner he had the beef filet (cooked perfectly) and I had the scallops (great sauce, otherwise fairly average). For dessert he had the brioche (the bread was dry, but eaten as a whole with the peanut butter, ice cream, and nutella bits it was quite good) and I had the glazed strawberries which were pretty good. Had a great cappucino with dessert.
    Our service was very good, and yes the 20% gratuity was written on the bill, but we probably would have tipped more if they hadn’t included it.

  • bmk

    Went to Bijoux Sat. night. Not nearly as stellar as my experience last year. A bit of a let down. Service was terrible. We waited at least 10 minutes or more to be waited on. Our wine order wasn’t taken until we were ordering dinner. Lag between courses was significant.

    To start I had the potato soup. The foam and other components easily got lost in the soup. Pork belly was outstanding as usual. The short ribs were a let down. Meat was slightly tough and tasted more like pot roast. Definitely prefer Craft’s short ribs. The Mushroom risotto was too rich for an entire entree and didn’t taste much different than a homemade mushroom and rice dish. The highlight of the cheesecake panna cotta was the praline and ice cream that came with it. I didn’t get the cheesecake description with the panna cotta. Tasted like vanilla bean panna cotta to me. The pairing of the panna cotta with ice cream was also odd to me. My husband’s chocolate tart was very good. We appreciated the extra touches of the amuse bouche, sorbet between final courses and cookies/candies after dessert. I specifically chose Bijoux again this year based on a stellar meal with fabulous service last year. Unfortunately this year we got the mediocre experience restaurant week sometimes offers.

  • DesignBoy

    Charlie Palmer Sunday night, 5:15pm
    In a nutshell: They played it safe and underwhelmed our table of three. I’ve been to CP several times and the food/service/wine has always been memorable. But for RW, it seems like they dumbed everything down to keep things easy and it showed. Appetizers were a snooze: my roasted beet salad was all goat cheese and dressing with little of the promised beets. Hazelnut brittle was a nice touch though. Entrees were better. The amberjack with pastrami and purple hull peas was outstanding. But the only beef option was a flank steak: nice but nothing to rave about. The fettucine bolognese lacked any finesse. But really? Fettucine bolognese? Flank steak? This is the best you can do for RW. Desserts ranged from an uninspired peach/blueberry crisp to a duo of pecan and key lime tarts that my friend said was like “cruise ship buffet food.” Ouch. I’ll cut CP some slack. It’s a great restaurant and can do much better. But for many RW diners, this was their first (and possibly last) impression of the restaurant. That’s a shame. CP is better than that.

  • S

    We finished off Restaurant Week with a trip to Nana’s last Thursday. For starters we ordered:
    (1) the Mozzarella Bocconcini with Oven Roasted Grape Tomatoes, EVO and Basil. What would be a typical mozzarella salad was made very special by roasting the tomatoes. Delicious!
    (2) the Cavatelli with Lamb Bolognaise and Liquid Basil Pesto. The lamb combined with the extremely light pesto was a taste bud delight.

    For entrees, we ordered:
    (1) the Grilled Petit Filet of Beef with Rosemary-Lemon Butter and Grana Padano Fries. What could have been a “normal” beef filet and fries was elevated to unbelievable by the hint of rosemary butter. I’m not normally a steak person, but I wished I’d ordered this dish.
    (2) the Seared Sea Scallops with Mojo Verde, Wrinkled Potatoes and Spring Onions. The scallops were perfectly prepared, and the mojo verde (a verde sauce made with avocado) was simply amazing!

    For desserts:
    (1) My spouse hesitated for a moment before ordering and the waiter suggested the simply-named Peanut Butter, Nutella Pebbles and Toast, adding that “It’s very popular.” Toasted cake, homemade grape coulis, peanut butter ice cream and Nutella chunks…this was the best thing I’ve tasted in a long time. Unique, creative and utterly delightful, I thought about that dessert long after I finished savoring the one measly bite he proffered.
    (2) I ordered the Orange Chiffon Migas with Glazed Strawberries, Vanilla Chantilly and Licorice. I never could taste the licorice (thankfully!), but overall this dessert reminded me of the strawberries and cream we enjoyed while living in the UK. The “orange chiffon migas” was a very light orange-flavored chiffon cake, resting underneath the strawberries and cream. Delicious, but I couldn’t help but wonder where my Pimm’s was…

    All together, a good experiece and we’d like to see what Nana’s has to offer when not constrained by the RW price point.

  • Sarah

    I second the Charlie Palmer RW review. I’ve been several times before, and was disappointed with the menu.
    The one shining star was the ricotta agnolotti as a first course – it was fabulous and memorable.
    But I left the meal wishing I would have ordered off their regular menu.