• Keith

    Did Nick and Sams on Thursday.. nice ambiance but mixed reviews on the food. The steak was awesome, as were the desserts, but the starters were only so so and the fish was very dry.

    So it was good, but not sure it was good enough to deserve the reputation it has.

  • Keith

    Nobu tonight… Great as always.

  • MHB

    Thursday night: Aurora – perfect. Food, ambiance & service. Refined elegance. Entire experience exquisite. First visit & would love to return for a special occasion. Felt & treated as if we were in a wonderful jewel box.

    Friday night: Abacus – spectacular. Great choices to appeal to everyone. Potstickers & tip steak & dessert combo fabulous. Excellent service by the always wonderful Tamara. Everything from front to back of house was running like a clock. Chef Rathburn on the floor making sure his diners were pleased.

    Saturday night: The French Room – one of my favorite restaurants anyway. Service impeccable by Francisco and his assistants. Wonderful choices on menu. Had to have their crab cake despite up charge but the hit if the night was the salted caramel ice cream with toppings. Everything perfext as always & how can you beat eating in that beautiful dining room?

    Tonight – Charlie Palmer

  • Danielle

    Abacus on Friday night- had an 8:30 reservation, arrived early to have a drink and we were sat by our reservation time. Everything was fantastic, and we had the same server that we have had everytime (Nomi), she’s great!
    First Course- Tiger Shrimp for me: very good flavors, wish the portion was a LITTLE bigger. Pot stickers for him: VERY generous portion…perfectly seared, with a hearty beef flavor that was nicely balance by the mango sauce.
    —Cue lobster shooters….yum!
    —-cue sangria icee…meh.
    SECOND COURSE: me-Texas Redfish. I het fish every time I’m here, and it never dissapoints. Perfectly seared and flakey, loved the celery root purée with the tomato butter. Him- short ribs- only got a small taste of this he liked it too much. The garlic bread pudding was AMAZING. I am going to attempt this at thanksgiving. The short rib was like the best potroast you could imagine.
    THIRD COURSE- the shared dessert…good, but WAY too much after such a rich meal, one or two would have been perfect. Loved the strawberry shortcake, LOVED the chocolate pudding and nutella crunch…didn’t have room to try the rest.
    Overall, another delicious meal at Abacus. Restaurant week or not, this is always one of my favorite places. Now to Bijoux on the 4th 🙂

  • DD

    We went to Nana last night and were very diappointed in the service and some of the food. We definitely felt snubbed by the staff. Let me start this by saying my date and I are in the hospitality industry, were well-dressed and respectul–this is not me being difficult or having unrealistic expectations. We both opted for the wine pairings. I had the tomato mozzarella salad to start-tiny but very good, he had some sort of pasta as an app–very average. The problem with the service was a random waiter would serve the plates then a couple minutes later the sommelier (I am assuming that was his role) would approach, glance at a checkholder in his apron(I think this was a cheatsheet for the wine pairings) stare at what was on our plates, return a few minutes later and simply pour the wine without presenting the bottle. He did this for each course and we were waiting for our wine as the food got cold. For our second course he had the chicken–delicious, and I had the beef filet. This time, the plates were placed by a different waiter, no wine in sight. I was not given a steak knife and the steak was too tough to use a dinner knife–I did try as I had to wait to make eye contact with the waiter across the room and ask him for a steak knife. Both desserts sucked. Mine was a “brioche”–actually a stale slice of bread with a smear of peanut butter and a tiny scoop of ice cream. He ordered the coconut icecream. It looked like an amuse bouche. It was one spoonful of icecream with some diced pineapple. The wines did go nicely with the meal, but the timing btwn the plates and the wines was off each course. I had only heard great things about Nana and was really looking forward to this reservation. The staff treated us like we were a hassle. Did I mention that a 20% gratuity was included? I understand that RW can be hard on fine dining establishments trying to stretch their dollar for 3 courses. I understand that sometimes the servers are overworked and undertipped by RW patrons, but this wasn’t the case last night. Like many people, I used RW as a way to try some high end restaurants in hopes of returning for special celebrations. I have realistic expectations for paying $35 for 3 courses-you get what you pay for. I wish the service at Nana was more professional, and because of this my first visit will most likely be my last.

  • guy

    I have also tried nana and found it to be outstanding when you are paying full price, but Restaurant week I don’t believe the staff wants to work for very little money.

  • Elijah

    We had a nice dinner at Charlie Palmer last night. We were treated well. The server enthusiastically welcomed us to “Restaurant Week at Charlie Palmer!” There were terrific options for all three courses and the food was great. The wine pairings for $20 were perfect. We have been before and will return.

    My only complaints: no amuse bouche or any other little extra thing to make the night special (like Craft does) and the CM 4th course was just a choice of sides: creamed spinach, mashed potatoes or mushrooms. Nothing interesting and really the plates were composed and generous so there was no need for the sides.

  • Anne

    I went to Aurora Saturday night. I had never been before. I knew the evening would be great when Celeste opened the door for us when she saw us approaching. She could not have been lovelier. The service was flawless, however, we felt a little rushed. But I understand this is RW, so I’m not complaining. We were offered a glass of champagne welcoming us to Aurora. The way it was presented to us sounded like it was complimentary, but we were charged $15 per glass and it wasn’t very good. The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was lovely. All in all, a great experience. I will definitely go back at full price. NOTE: To those participating in RW, please don’t wear jeans to a place like Aurora. Even your best ones just pulled out of the dryer. Come on…you know better. And to the “gentlemen” who stored his sunglasses hanging from the neck on the back of his shirt…if you don’t have a shirt pocket, leave them in the car. Really juvenile.