• m

    Dined at Local last night.

    1st: The sweet corn soup was spectacular. I was tempted to lick my bowl.

    2nd: (Optional) Onion risotto with roasted mushrooms. I am a sucker for risotto. This one was well prepared and the mushrooms added depth to the dish. Very good.

    3rd: Wild Alaskan Halbut with sweet corn. This was my least favorite part of the meal. The halibut was well cooked but extremely underseasoned. The broth it sat in was also bland. The kale and sweet corn were both extremely flavorful and to be honest, those were more enjoyable than the fish itself. It was very light but too bland for my liking.

    4th: Peach slab pie with peach ice cream. You’re thinking, “That sounds like too much peach for one dish.” Well, you’d be wrong. It was fantastic. I’m a sucker for peaches, and besides…who can resist warm pie with cold ice cream?

    Service was good and we were anything but rushed. I think our total table time was a bit over 2 hours as we waited a while to order and for the check. But I like a leisurely meal, so it worked for me!

  • Stephen Pyles for three of us last night. Dining Room was packed! You can not tell me it would be that crowded if not for restaurant week, so good for them and all the business!

    First of all, all the staff from bartendar to Manager to busboy to server were excellent. There was not a flaw to be found and we were not treated any differently for being RW patrons.

    Between the three of us we pretty much tried all the selections. We divided up each course and each had one of the choices so we could share and taste. I attached the menu so I will not go over it word for word. But a hightlight was the heirloom tomato salad. How could you go wrong? I did not like the 4th course of the Red Snapper in Curry sauce, tasted fishy and too sweet all at the same time. My dining friends were fine with it, but just not for me.
    All the entrees were great! I had the chicken, while it does not sound EXCITING, it cooked to perfection and the mushroom tamale was tasty. While I have heard some negative reviews of the beef dish, my friend loved it and said it was moist and tender.

    Dessert was lacklusher to all of us, but overall the experience was super!

    Mr. Pyles made it around to all the tables to say hello and thanks. He told us a cute story about Routh Street Diner and we all had a good laugh. Does it date all of us to remember this place? And Star Canyon, ha ha!

    Perfect night. I have never been here before and I am one of those diners who sometimes uses restaurant week as a way to test out a place and get a feel for the food and the atmosphere. That being said, my experience here made me want to go back and dine on a non-RW time. And that, to me, is what restaurant week is all about. 🙂

  • Katie

    We enjoyed our first visit to Abacus last night. Some of our group chose the wine pairings with their meal and were quite happy with the selection. Our server took time to explain various dishes on the menu and we didn’t feel rushed at all.
    Everyone tried something different and I enjoyed the shrimp small plate along with the salmon for my entree. We purchased the lobster shooters since we did not have our Central Market coupon. Desserts were fantastic – quite a selection! Each sampling serves two people.
    Overall, a great experience for our group. Now onto Blue Plate tonight!

  • DesignBoy

    Here’s my quick assessment of Five Sixty: fancy PF Chang’s.
    Course one: Far and away the winner of the evening. Thin slices of shortrib meat with melon kimchee, pork belly potstickers, Chinois chicken salad. All were tasty and satisfied.
    Course two: Crispy quail was okay if a little overly sweet. Pork medallions seemed like something you’d get on a buffet line. And where the heck was the pork belly confit with shishito peppers? You mean it was that nest of green strips with no flavor? Green curry seafood was a hit.
    Course three: Chocolate angel food cake dry. Apricot turnover so tiny it was gone after one bite. The accompanying dollop of pistachio gelato was fantastic though. Our whole table would have loved more of that.
    The wine pairings were thoughtful and dead on. Service was courtesy and swift. The place looked great as did the people. And of course the views rock. I know this is the first RW experience for Five Sixty so I’ll cut them a little slack. But it was quite underwhelming.

  • Sarah

    Went to Bolla on Wednesday. eh.

    Service was fine, but a bit rushed.

    First course – Tomato and fennel salad. Pretty basic, but light and refreshing.
    Second course (optional course) – Vegetable and parmesan risotto. This dish was pasty and under-salted. Definitely the low-light of the evening.
    Third course – Halibut with a sweet corn crust. Well seasoned and cooked perfectly, but the course was about two bites. My friend accurately described it as a chicken tender. But I definitely enjoyed the two bites – the corn crust was a flavorful addition to the halibut.
    Dessert – Panna cotta and homemade granola. It wasn’t memorable, so I would stick with the chocolate cake option. It seemed to be the better choice.

  • Idunno

    Pappas Bros.

    Our waiter David was spot on. Being a former restaurant worker for ten years I have a rant for amateur “reviewers.” The average diner doesn’t understand the operation of a restaurant and often belittle the service when they don’t understand the dynamics and flow of service. We were seated 10 minutes ahead of our 7:30 reservation. David was there immediately to explain the menu and also detail the specials of the night. Never rushed, never impatient and made us feel comfortable. Within minutes of our seating, I realized he had been seated with a six top. This is a clear faux paus by the hostess. David rose to the occasion. Left us to make our decisions. Gave the six-top the schpiel and returned back to me and my wife. We succinctly ordered, understanding the premise of restaurnat week. Our wine was soon served and the lobster bisque was served not far behind, maybe a bit under temp but meaty and flavourful. Salads came, pepper ground. No complaints. But here comes the kicker. The server in a bind. Our steaks were served and we had requested the recommended wine. Steaks, no wine. A quick glance over my shoulder and David was retained by the 6-top who were complaining about bread or whatever? Fine. Half of the ladies’ arms are wider than my thigh and they have to make their point. Here’s my point. David was never visibley frustrated by what I would term PITA over fed a-holes. He quietly exited their table, leaned to our table and without us asking, said he would be right back with our wine. Soon arrived with an unopened bottle, and he commenced to expalin the reason for the choice of wine for the steaks. My wife and I giggled about the fat arses just a few feet away. By not being bitchy you gain some credibility with your server. Pure professionalism in the face of amateur a-hole diners. We won. I appreciate and understand the predicaments servers are put into and how they overcome. Always remember and never forget that, YOU, as a diner can define your service experience as a much as your server. My point is, I guess, too many people think they understand and demand fine service, when in fact they understand little of what it means to be a fine diner and aficianado of quality service. I apologize and regret any grammar and/or spelling, I closed with Grand Marnier this evening. Had a great date night with my wife tonight, thank you David and Pappas Brothers.

  • Joeli

    Went to Dragonfly on Thursday – reservations at 7:00. Seated in the bar area and soon joined by many other RW diners. The selection was terrific – there were at least 3 or 4 choices for each course. My husband had the beef tartare, the ribeye and chocolate cake…I had heirloom tomato salad, mushroom/black truffle streudel and peach pie. The tartare/salad/cake and pie were all “good” – not out of this world, but tasty. The ribeye and potatoes were the best items – huge portion, seasoned well and cooked nicely. The streudel was very oily (guess from the goat cheese) and actually left me feeling sick to my stomach through most of today. Our service was attentive, overall a nice dinner.

  • Stephen Pyles for three of us last night. Dining Room was packed! You can not tell me it would be that crowded if not for restaurant week, so good for them and all the business!

  • DD

    We went to Charlie Palmer last night and it was a hit. We were seated promptly (8:15 res)and service was attentive. I had the ricotta ravioli for the app, skirt steak with mashed potatoes and mushrooms for entree, peach and bluberry crisp for dessert. All three were delicious and plenty of food. The wine pairings went well with our meal and the pours were generous for the additional $20. My friend had the tomato salad/salmon/pecan tart and keylime tart–delicious. We’ve been to 560 and York St and Charlie Palmer was the standout for RW.

  • Robin

    Did Craft on Thursday night-party of 8. Wonderful service–attentive, helpful and gracious-and terrific ambiance. Interesting food in the fact that everything was served family style. All diners received all 3 apps, sides and desserts. You only selected your entree. Drawback was tremendously small portions of entrees, sides and desserts. 2 of us ordered the scallops-we each received 3. Delicious and perfectly seasoned and cooked, just not enough. 2 diners ordered ahi tuna-sushi presentation-7 “rolls” on the plate–for 2 people? Each diner received 3 1/2 “rolls”. Sides-one small plate of farmer’s market veggies, one small plate of fingerling potatoes. Each diner received one tiny carrot, one sprig of broccolini and one sliver of squash. Same with potatoes-each diner received 2-3 fingerlings. Dessert were tiny portions as well-and none were standouts. Did give take away muffins to each diner as a token of their thanks. Good thing bread service was abundant!

    Fellow diner texted on the way home that they were making a Run for the Border! Agreed good food, good service, good fun–just not enough to feel satisfied..especially after 65 per person (with wine, tax and gratuity).

  • James

    Robin, you should be more like Leslie Brenner. Obviously if you object to paying sixty-five bucks in a trendy joint for a few dabs of bland food, you lack sophistication.