• Keith

    Craft last night… Wasn’t bad, but not wowed either. The waited didn’t seem that interested and the food wasn’t what you would expect to get for the price.

    The ambiance is nice unless you look out the window where you get a great view of joggers and people walking their dogs.

    Also, what is up with the tables, it felt like I was a mile from my wife. We had to lean in to talk…and that seemed to be what other patrons were doing as well.

  • aria

    craft last night. (maybe we were next to keith and his wife?)

    The standouts for our table were:

    Ginger Martini (I’d like one now! Fantastic cocktail.)
    Diver Scallops (Now this IS Top Scallop.)
    White Chocolate Panna Cotta, Richter Farm Blueberries & Animal Crackers (rich and delicious)
    Strawberry & Creme Fraiche ice cream (perfect!)

  • aria

    oh! and how could I forget the best part… a chocolate chip muffin to go!

  • hungry

    Had a fantastic dinner at Capital Grille last night. We were seated right away and the service was knowledgeable and attentive while being unobtrusive. Started with the famous calamari which I really enjoyed, especially with the jalapenos. The beef carpaccio and smoked salmon apps were exquisite as well. By far, the best course was my porcini rubbed tenderloin. Cooked to perfection enjoyed by all at the table (there were four of us). Very surprised at the large portion sizes considering it was restaurant week and most other venues have considerably scaled down portions. Overall great night out with friends thanks to the good folks at The Capital Grille.

  • Katie

    Fearing’s was amazing last weekend. Although restaurant week was winding down, the place was packed. Our table was in the kitchen section which gave us plenty to look at as servers flew back and forth between tables.
    We had three different people greet us and take care of us during the evening. Even the manager came by and welcomed us. It was nice to hear that Fearing’s alone would donate such a substantial amount to the NTFB.
    We started with an amuse bouche of sweet corn vissychoise. Tasty!
    Dinner selections were wonderful and included Dean’s chicken tortilla soup and a wonderful caeser.
    The bread selection included jalapeno corn muffins which matched perfectly!
    My short rib with queso mashed potatoes was so tender – a knife was not needed. We also tried the starter of shrimp tacos. I could have eaten all the SLAW on the plate!
    Dessert was wonderful although I loved the chocolate mousse more than the lemon cake.
    Although Dean was not in the restaurant on this evening, service was silky smooth and friendly. The chef even delivered some of our meal personally.

    We will definitely go back and visit. It might be nice to sit outside on a cool fall evening or enjoy a drink at the Live Oak bar before dinner.

  • Margaret

    We went to Pappa’s Steakhouse for dinner on Friday. We knew it would be great since we already love it there. They di dnot disappoint. Pretty simple menu: two salad options, some steaks and a seafood entrée and four dessert options. The 4th course was the Lobster Bisque soup.

    It was all outstanding. What stood out the most was the service! Our waiter was wonderful and helpful and we never once felt rushed or “different” because we were there for restaurant week.

    Once the waiter knew I did not eat dairy, he helped to point out my best menu selections. The manager actually came over and let me know they take allergies very seriously there and they even have a separate cooking area for allergy free cooking! I did not know such a thing existed at most restaurants. It was so refreshing not to worry that there might be some hidden dairy in my dinner.

    We even had enough steak and dessert leftover to have a nice breakfast the next morning.

    Great experience.

  • Keith

    aria – That was the kicker, we saw other people getting the muffin to go, and we didn’t get one.

  • efs

    Craft was delicious, but, seriously, the portions were humorous for a table of 7. My party literally laughed. We were forced to ask our waiter for more of the wonderful white chocolate panna cotta. He happily obliged.

    Wonderful service, as well, just a LONG wait in between courses… we were there for 2.5 hours.

  • JT

    Aurora on Sat 8/29 : Not impressed. I know it was (extended) restaurant week, and probably shouldn’t have tried a place of this caliber at this time. But they chose to participate, and we visited.

    Staff seemed disinterested, except for the Spanish-looking wine guy who took plenty of time to remind us that it was restaurant week, and they would do a “good job” for us, but they normally do an “excellent job”, and this really isn’t what their service is normally like. Not impressive, pal.

    Another guy, our waiter, explained that that one of the sorbets we got for dessert was either one flavor or another…”I can’t really tell; it’s dark in here”, he said, before he awkwardly turned and sort of wandered off.

    Food was “okay”.

    Overall a really strange experience; my wife and I kept saying “Twilight Zone? What’s going on here?” I’d normally say I’d try a spot again during non-Restaurant week, but frankly not sure I’ll go back here again. Bad taste in my mouth from the overall experience.

  • Tim

    OMG! JT’s Aurora experience was exactly like mine. The wine guy parked himself at our table at the end of the meal and went on ad nauseum about how different it is when it is not restaurant week. He did say that all wait staff was specifically hired for restaurant week only.