Yogilicious To Become Yumilicious

Got a call from Winston over at Yogilicious the other day. He wanted to let us know that Yogilicious, one of my favorite spots for fro-yo in town (love that taro and plain swirl), is changing it’s name. It will become Yumilicious. He said this would not take a place for a couple months, but since they are planning on expanding, he thought this name would be a better fit (apparently they are concerned that “Yogilicious” sounded too much like the names of other frozen yogurt stores).

They are set to be opening up Yogi/Yumilicious at the Village at Allen tomorrow. First 100 customers get a free t-shirt. What name will it have on it? Guess we’ll have to wait and see…


  • Sarah

    When I saw the name “Yogilicious” I thought it was a yoga place. Glad they changed it.

  • Darren

    If they pair up with Yumi To Go, then you can have your fro-yo delivered!

  • DGirl

    I think the (fabricated) adjective “licious” is overused and unappealing. Whether you add it to yogurt, booty or Fergi, it sounds kind of nasty. IMHO.

  • babyarm

    DGirl, you are so right. It’s just gross.

  • EBL

    We happened to drive by Yogilicious in Allen yesterday and they were NOT open. Perhaps something caused a delay??

  • We went in and had yogurt tonight…it is definitely open. Cheesecake yogurt with mangoes and raspberries. They have RockBand already set up and little video screens that display the flavors above the mixers.