Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Potato Salad in Dallas

She’s throwing a party for a bunch of folks from out of town. “I want to host a Texas barbecue and I don’t want to cook,” she says. She’s serving brisket from Cooper’s in Llano and she wants to find someone who makes a “classic jalapeno potato salad.” Y’all step up and help.


  • MsX

    It’s not jalapeno, but the potato salad at Red Hot & Blue is genius! Maybe you could add your own pickled jalapenos?

  • Worzel Gummidge

    Make your own ahead of time. Some of us did a tasting of BBQ sides from around Dallas and the potato salads were invariably afterthoughts.

  • TheKid

    Not jalapeno, but baker’s Ribs has a great dill potato salad. The jalapeno sounds interesting and I would like to try some.

  • Jennifer Chininis

    I second Red Hot & Blue. It’s been ages but I remember that it’s pretty freakin’ good. Also, Central Market has all kinds of potato salad in its case. You can sample before you buy to get exactly what you want.

  • MP

    you are kind of screwed if you don’t want to make your own.

  • Christina

    Roasters at Preston and LBJ is incredible.
    I highly recommend. Its the same recipe I THINK as the old Gilbert that used to be at Preston & Forest. Throw some Jalepeno’s in and you will be good to go.

  • CJ

    I third Red, Hot, and Blue. No-one I know makes homemade anymore as it’s so easy to pick it up from RH&B, and pass it off as homemade, if one is so inclined.

  • Kelly

    If calories/fat is a factor (perhaps to off-set the brisket), try the original Dickie’s potato salad. The fat content from a mustard-based potato salad is WAY less than a mayonnaise one.

  • Christina, I like the PS at Roaster’s, but it is very New York–sweet and mayonnaisey.When I think of BBQ PS, I think mustard, eggs, pickles, jalapenos, red onion, red peppers, celery……….

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    I laughed the minute I realized the question was ‘where to find classic (jalapeno?) potato salad.’

    First, I’m from here and I’ve been eating potato salad all my life and have never even heard the term ‘jalapeno potato salad’. And it’s a ‘classic’? Muy Extrano!

    Meanwhile, back in the cocina:

    People are so individual and opinionated about what is and is not the ‘right’ recipe for slaw (vinegar with garlic and oregano)and potato salad (sweet with mayo and eggs or tangy with mustard onions, green peppers and olives) getting anyone to agree what is good…let alone ‘classic’… is like getting three men to agree who should or should not date Jessica Simpson.

  • Rhymnocerous

    Red Hot and Blue by a long mile. Seriously, people.

  • jnw32

    I’ve never heard of jalapeno potato salad, but Whole Foods has what they call firecracker cole slaw and it is very hot – lots of jalapenos or similar hot peppers.

  • tatersalad

    buzzbrews makes potato salad w/ jalapenos.

  • Dallas Texan

    Nancy, the spit-roasted chicken on the lunch menu at Stephan Pyles is served with a warm potato salad very similiar to what you desbribed above. It may be what you are looking for.

    Good luck!

  • City Girl

    I lOVE the potato salad at Zoes. And pick up some of their spice blend while you are there. It tastes great sprinkled on fresh tomatoes and avocados.

  • Jan

    Home made is the only way to go. Garrison Keillor had a funny column a couple weeks ago about the bad commercial tubs of potato salad that people pick up and take to gatherings, and lamented the lost art of making home made potato salad.

    It’s worth the effort to make your own.

    I’ve never heard of jalapeno potato salad.

  • Appreciate the suggestions. Since there’s no known Jalapeno Potato Salad around I’ve decided to buy a plain one, pull a Sandra Lee & just jazz it up myself. Thanks y’all!