Restaurant Review: Legally Blonde In Dallas

Chef Eric Shelton. What does he have in store for Mama Mia? Greek food!
Chef Eric Shelton. What does he have in store for Mama Mia? Greek food!

Omigod, omigod you guys. Last night I took one of my perfect nieces and her almost perfect BFF to see Legally Blonde at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Natch, we were undernourished and running late. We decided to take the easy way and eat at the Music Hall. Yow. Zah. Not only was the food lovely, it was fun.

The dining room, managed by Culinaire (Nicola’s, Coast Global Seafood) International, and kitchen have been overhauled. The restaurant even has its own name—M. And chef—Eric Shelton. Chef Shelton designs a menu around each musical. For Happy Days, it was roast beef sliders and shakes; bangers and mash for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. But I have a feeling he hit his stride with Legally Blonde: the buffet included “Bend and Snap” peas, “Oh My God You Guys” salad, and a “Carvard University” meat slicing station. Okay, you think it’s corny? Then you have a chip on your shoulder. My girls, who know every song and dance movement of this show, loved it. The festive food followed by a fabulous show combined to create an evening the three of us will never forget. Seriously.


  • Melissa

    Saw it last week and thought it was so cute!

  • Rawlins Gilliland

    Frankly this made me happy to read. First because you are spot-lighting someone’s hard and creative work that could have gone under the radar. Two, that you…the culinary semi-tsarina…were open to the idea per off-hand dining at the Hall instead of elsewhere, which would have certainly been understandable. And Three, that it turns out this was really not only good food but ‘fun’. In this eco-climate…and certainly in the dog-eat-whatever-moves atmosphere of restaurant survival of the fittest… I just wanted to clap on this one.

  • Good review! Good Job Chef Eric, Keep the dishes coming!

  • Brandy

    how clever! I’m not a theatre person but this makes it more of an evening I’d probably enjoy!!! Go Eric! Go Eric!

  • DALLASChef

    Brilliant Nancy! How fabulous that “Venue” dining is finally getting noticed in a positive way. How about you do a story on different spots around town like Music Hall?? I would love your take on places like the Nasher or the DMA.

  • Ronnell McBryde

    Congrats to you Eric and all your great accomplishments. I look forward to more reviews on all your hard work. Five Stars Frat..

  • Way to go my man, I finally glad to see great things going your way and people to notice your talents, keep up the great work and perseverance.

  • chatka shelton

    the artical is really cool. iam so proud.maybye u can make my birthday cake.with a familt discount!!!!!

    love chat rat

  • Will Fisher (Ryu)

    Outstanding!!! I’m so proud of you. Keep up the good work!! Don’t forget we still have a basketball game to play, so keep in shape. Don’t eat too much, however this article is making me hungry!