Reader Wants To Know: Anyone Have Trouble With Twisted Vine in Dallas?

Two readers have contacted me about the bad service they’ve experienced at Twisted Vine. One writes:

I would take the opportunity … to ask if I’m the only person have problems with the Twisted Vine / Tony’s Wine Warehouse. Went to a tasting at the Twisted Vine (wine bar owned by Tony’s in a converted Chili’s on Greenville – a “work in progress” at the time) won at an auction by a friend, and let the wine guys talk me into some wine. Anyway, because they “don’t keep stock on hand” at the Twisted Vine, they were to deliver it the next week. It never showed, never showed, never showed. Two weeks later I call, and they told me it had to be ordered, was delayed and would be there the next week. Now, over a month later, no wine, no working phones at either location, Tony’s website down, and according to Pegasus News, Tony’s is gutted and closed. I haven’t done a drive by, but I would venture a guess The Twisted Vine might be in the same condition. Anyone else?

Oh, this is a familiar story. One, I believe, Mark Stuertz, then of the Dallas Observer, told well.


  • ELW

    I’m the above commenter, and first, I’d like to correct my poor grammar if Nancy would be so kind to let me — “…the only person *having* problems…” and “Two weeks later I *called*…”

    Second, I feel like an idiot after reading Stuertz’s article. I sadly even once thought of myself as somewhat educated about wine. Apparently, I was mistaken. I should have known when the skeezy checkout guy continued to hit on me after I informed him I’m married.

  • skeezy is a great word.

  • Mark

    I knew I was getting screwed at Tony’s but the BS is so slick it was kind of fun.

  • CBS

    son of a…cancelling charge now. Chalk me up in the idiot column (not for the price paid (was not bad) but for not cancelling the never delivered order sooner).

  • Twinwillow

    The recently new owner of Tony’s seem to be as big a crook as the previous owner.
    You all have my sympathy.

  • Laurie

    They’ve been scamming charity-auction goers for years! Don’t feel bad, ELW, you’re in great company. When I went to one of those dinners, I was surprised at how bad I thought the wine was. I don’t drink much so I thought that maybe it was my lack of knowledge or something.

  • ASC

    I bought a tasting from a charity auction as well. When I showed up with 40 of my closest friends, I was told the power was out and that the tasting would have to be rescheduled. Power at all the surrounding buildings was on. Tony’s did not call ahead to let me know about the problem until 5 minutes before the time of the scheduled event, and offered no alternatives. Tony’s basically suggested that I shouldn’t complained since the tasting was bought at a charity auction and not for full value. Never did get to have the tasting. Total scam

  • in dallas

    I have worked on many charity auctions and most had not actively solicited from Tony’s in years–the certificates for the tastings just appeared. At the last couple of auctions their tastings went unsold. I attended a tasting in the early 90’s and felt like I was in grade school–the “instructor” reprimanded us for the least bit of chatter. Hopefully they are finally out of business.

  • Twinwillow

    “in dallas”: The tastings you attended in the 90’s were when Tony’s was owned by Michel Mouzon. I always felt his whole operation, including his “tastings” were one huge rip off!
    He’s the person that sold Tony’s to it’s current rip off artist.


    I too got my certificate for a free wine tasting for me and my closest 30 friends at a charity auction. When we all showed up the doors were locked and there was know one there. The business card was posted in the window so we called and Jo told us we were down as a cancellation and that they had been trying to contact me all week…(none of which is true)and I was charged $250. I see now that I should have done more research before giving anyone my credit card number. STAY FAR AWAY FROM TWISTED VINE!!!!DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CC #


    *no* one there.

  • Concerned

    Winenot- When was your tasting scheduled? We have one scheduled very soon and are obviously concerned given your experience.

  • Connie

    I know why you all are not getting your wine. Twisted Vine cannot legally buy or sell wine because they don’t have a valid TABC license to do so. You can look it up on the TABC website. There are many legitimate good places to go to including Grand Cru in Fort Worth, Swirl in Dallas and Premier Wines in Plano. I just can’t imagine a business being so bad to its customers.

  • ELW

    Just an FYI — I got my money back from Visa. Others might be able to do the same depending on your card. I just filed a complaint online and got my money credited back within a couple of days.


    “Concerned” my tasting was scheduled for last week.

  • Eyluvu Jane

    We had our wine tasting over 5 weeks ago and everyone ordered wine. Noone, including ourselves has seen any wine yet. Stay away from these crooks.

  • jamey

    you think that all that is bad. one of the owners Joe recently posted a walk in cooler for sale on craigslist. well it was what i was looking for, so i thought, so i went to buy it and he said he needed $2200, to take it down and off the building, i live 2.5 hours away so i meet him half way on a wensday prior to taking it down on saturday to give him the $2200 to start. when i showed up on saturday found out the cooler was not what was said so i told him i needed my money back, he said that was fine and wrote me a check for $2300. an extra 100 i gave him cash that day for his laborers. when i got home and put the check in the bank they put a stop payment on it and will not take my calls or anything. can anyone help me with this as i live 2.5 away. this was my hard earned money these guys are trying to steal from me. these people are crooks please help

  • Connie

    Jamey – that is terrible. I would call the police on this – it should be considered felony theft. Good Luck sir.

  • Rob

    Contact Channel 4 news and have them look into this and get the story on these guys

  • Claudine

    I also hosted a wine tasting at the Twisted Vine (Toni’s Wine Warehouse). It was disappointing to say the least. Most of my guests purchased wine and none of us have received any to date.

  • Lisa

    My family, friends and I had a tasting at our house this summer and ordered bottles of wine which we never received. I am sooo bitter!

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