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Olivella’s Pizza to D Magazine: “Hey, we’re still here!”

By Todd Johnson |
Olivella's margarita and truffle pizzas
Olivella's margarita and truffle pizzas

Here is today’s Magazine 101 for all restaurateurs: we rotate our dining listings in D Magazine. We have to do it. The length of our dining master is too proud and great, and we can only publish so many pages per month. That means some issues you’ll see your humble cafe listed and others — poof! — gone like a cheap magic trick. I explain this because, without warning, the wonderful people at Olivella’s showed up today with pies in tow. They were worried that we thought they were closed. Not so, we assured them. This was just their month off. Their listing would be back next issue. We patted them on their backs, wished them a safe, dry day. And then we ate. Oh how we ate — ate with a hunger not seen since… well… the last time free food showed up in the office kitchen. If you saw our 401(k)s, you’d understand.