Make This Now: Pan Con Tomate

tomEven thought our intern Sarah got  beat up and severely “kirked” in the comments section of her review of Si Tapas & Spanish Cuisine yesterday, she’s back  this morning with another slice from her life in Spain.

When I lived in Spain, my favorite breakfast was Pan con Tomate. (In the north it is referred to as Pan a la Catalana.) I’ve eaten versions here in Dallas at Cava where it is served as part of an appetizer combo and at Chic from Barcelona where the tomato mixture is piled on top of grilled vegetables. But I prefer to make the easy breakfast version at home. Jump for the recipe.

Cut a rustic baguette or any type of thick bread like ciabatta in half.
Toast until crisp.
Take one or two ripe tomatoes (I’ve found that plum tomatoes work best because they have fewer seeds) and cut in half. Rub on a cheese grater into a bowl.
Spoon mixture onto bread, drizzle with a good quality EVOO (Catalonian is best) and top with a sprinkle of salt.
In Catalonia and at Chic from Barcelona,they rub the bread with tomatoes and garlic first. If you want to add protein consider serrano ham and/or Spanish goat cheese.


  • Tina

    Doesn’t she spell her name Sara?

  • ea

    my favorite nosh from time spent in Barcelona…rub the garlic clove & cut tomato directly onto the grilled baguette..mmm..heaven!!

  • Sarah

    I had this last weekend at Jaleo in Richardson (I think they just changed the name of the restaurant(?)). Yummy!

  • Brad

    Hey, everybody, I’ve been to Spain.

  • Laurie

    That looks less than appetizing. A poor man’s bruschetta?

  • Megan

    Yum. Now to top it with boquerones.