Good Doggie Bag Gone Bad

doggieLast night, I invited three friends to eat at Firefly in North Dallas. We ordered a lot of food. We asked them to pack the leftovers. This is a picture of one of the bags after I picked it up from the stained carpet on the floor of the car. Mind you this was only ONE of the FIVE containers that leaked. My question is simple: Why do restaurants package their sauce-laden dishes in Styrofoam containers with flimsy tab locks?


  • TLS

    Because styrofoam containers cost a few pennies per while the heavy plastic Versatainers and the like cost anywhere from 50 to 75 cents per. That adds up!

    Big points to Tin Star who always use heavy duty recyclable plastic while keeping their prices low.

  • queuno

    Carry your own tupperware with you?

  • queuno, funny you write that. I said the same thing last night. Then I would have a zillion Tupperware containers to go with the zillion canvas bags in my back seat.

  • Brad

    …and a zillion bracelets on you arm…

  • queuno

    There are only about 4 pieces of Tupperware that anyone ever needs. Unfortunately, I have no idea what they’re called. 🙂

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    Ah, behold the blended aromas of yesterday’s saucy servings nestled within the crevice of your car’s captive carpet, fermenting in this summer tempest sun…..

  • yes, right along with the tomato that rolled under the drivers seat and baked on the carpet.

  • JonnyG

    The cost of the packaging is a very good point.

    Another other is the thoughtless server who just threw the leftovers in a box, not bothering to maybe wrap the containers in plastic wrap or foil or both, and then double bag the containers tieing a knot in the top to prevent leaks. Then reminding the customer to be sure to place the packages upright or stowed sensibly in the vehicle so as to avoid spills. You know, like a good server should be doing in order to make a better tip and more tips upon return visits by customers who appreciate good service.

    But that’s too much to ask from a casual dining joint like Chili’s or Black Eyed Pea…oh wait…you were at an expensive upscale Asian fusion joint.

    Screw it, just go with the tupperware in your trunk idea.

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    Okay, Nichols. Top this.

    I took home some fish tacos about three years ago….actually a fish sandwich…and when a friend got in the car I set it in the glove compartment rather than on the passenger seat. You guessed it. Forgot about it. I opened the glove compartment weeks later and voila! (sound of heaving).

    If you ever saw the ‘Seinfeld’ segment where the valet parker had permeated the car with his B.O…..The only time I had worse was when my hound Corey in the 70s rolled in a rotting skunk carcass in the summer sun and then hopped into my Toyota station wagon. I had to trade that car for a new one. When the dealer bought it, they exiled it to Mexico in an auction lot.

  • I had a huge bag of leftovers from Rathbun’s Blue Plate in my car. I drove to East Texas and left the bag in my car where it cooked in the sun for four days. Cauliflower, fried chicken, rotten mac and cheese, meatloaf, trout, and green goddess dressing.

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    You got me with that Green Goddess dressing. Damn you’re tough.

  • TLS

    Forgetting food in the car? And you call yourselves foodies??!!

  • I am not a foodie.

    The smell of that Green Goddess seared the inside of my nose.

  • jane

    Who: Caterer in New York
    What: Did not wrap the container of scalloped potatoes and all of the potato juice, cheese garlic and cream spilled all over the trunk of the rental car.


  • If it’s the cheap stuff, I’ve just started looking at how the goo’s been tossed in there. I don’t forget food in the car because my wife would gain leverage that I can’t afford to give.

  • TLS

    I have to amend my words. Posting about Tin Star made me want Tin Star tonight and my food was packaged in {gasp} styrofoam. Oh the humanity!

  • City Girl

    Al Biernets does the BEST to go packing. Really appreciate it. And Parigi even put a little container of ketchup in the other day. Nice touch.

    I hate when places put TONS of plastic wear in. I never need it. They could save some $ asking about that.